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  1.   Convenient Sacrifice.
  2.    I Wonder If Mom Hears My Heart?
  3.      uses of a dead baby.
  4.      Window Into The Womb
  5.     I changed my mind
  6.     Let's Legalize The Murder Of Wives
  7.     When Laws Allow Murder
  8.   Children - Things We throw Away?
  9.   My Diary.
  10.   Bones Of A Hundred Inphants.
  11.   Let Me Live by Pat Boon.
  12.   Letter on abortion.
  13.   Just Presenting The Facts - Dear Doctor.
  14.   Let's Look At What God Says About Abortion.
  15.   Pro Life Information and materials.
  16.   Verses Against abortion.
  17.   War On The Unborn.
  18.   Should Abortionists Be Sued?
  19.   Abortion And The Law.
  20.   Abraham Lincoln and abortion.
  21.   Abortionists' Leap In Logic.
  22.   Corporate Ignorance.
  23.   Adopted Not Aborted.
  24.   Baby In The Womb.v
  25.     CHOICESPEAK: ...Abort The Conscience.
  26.   Fetal Tissue: A Grisly Issue...
  27.   The Ignored Inalienability Of Inalienable...
  28.   NBC's Unsubtle Slant On Abortion.
  30.   Will American Continue To Kill Her Children?
  31.   Some Facts - Abortion.
  32.   Henry Hyde On Abortion From Canada.
  33.   Dangers Of Legal Abortion.
  34.   What Does God Have To Say?
  35.   The Upjohn Company - Caring Or Killing?
  36.   God's View Of Abortion.
  37.   Eugentics and Abortion.
  38.    Dr. Ruth Spices Up Dr. Pepper - abortion.
  39.   China's Population Controls Brutal-Illogical.
  40.   A Prophetic Witness That Saves Lives.
  41.   New French birth control pill.

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