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December 8, 1985, marks the fifth anniversary of the assassination

of John Lennon. On this date five years ago, Mark Chapman, an avid

Beatles' fan, unloaded seven rounds of ammunition into the body of the

rock star. Lennon was pronounced dead-on-arrival. The accused

assassin often lapsed into periods of fantasy, believing himself to be

John Lennon.

Yoko Ono, Lennon's wife, asked mourners to make donations to the

Spirit Foundation in lieu of flowers. The non-profit organization was

started by Lennon to promote world peace and oneness among mankind. It

is possible the foundation was linked to the occult, since Lennon was

heavily involved in such during the last years of his life.

Yoko Ono additionally asked all mourners to set aside ten minutes

(from 2:00 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.) on Sunday December 10th to pray for her

husband's departed soul. On the day of the proposed vigil, thousands

of Bealtles' fans gathered in various locations throughout the world to

weep and pray for their slain hero. Some broke into hysteria; others

fainted. Two committed suicide. Many described the vigil as a solemn

and religious experience. Yoko assured the multitudes that their

prayers had been answered. She claimed she saw her husband's smiling

face in the New York sky!


In the mid-1950's Elvis Presley changed the complexion of popular

music by introducing rock and roll. What Presley did for music in

general, the Beatles did for rock and roll in particular. Through

their influence rock and roll was altered from upbeat music with

innocent themes to "acid" rock. the latter promoted through its lyrics

rebellion against authority, drugs, immorality and eastern mysticism.

the Beatles, you will recall, were the singing group who introduced the

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation to American teens.

Of the group Lennon was the most radical. He openly advocated LSD use

and called upon his youthful followers to join the revolution against

the establishment. He promised a utopia.

When the Beatles broke up in 1970, the split was regarded by the

hippy-flower children generation as more than the dissolving of a

talented singing group. It was seen as an end to an era. The

revolution was over. The dreams for a better and new world faded from


For several years after the split, John Lennon floundered. His

peace through meditation initiative did not work. The free-love,

psychedelic drug, revolutionary approach to world problems produced

more questions than answers. Lennon underwent Primal Scream Therapy

and other occult-related experiments which led further into darkness.

In his first post-Beatles album -- "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" --

he vents his anger and expresses self-pity in the song, "The Dream Is

Over." Lennon's next album -- "Imagine" -- portrays more optimism.

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The singer espouses an eclectic philosophy, offering his listeners a

glimmer of hope through a new one world order. His final album --

"Double Fantasy" -- indicates that John Lennon is making a new start in

life. The mid-life crisis is over. The ideas of revolution are past.

A new road lies ahead! What was the new pathway Lennon had discovered?


Edgar Cayce was a renowned trance medium during the first half of

this century. While in a self-induced trance, he could diagnose

illnesses, prescribe cures and give additional helpful information.

Cayce's hypnotic readings also covered such topics as reincarnation,

communication with the dead and Atlantis. After his death in 1945,

Cayce's popularity continued to grow. Thousands trekked to Virginia

Beach, Virginia, where Cayce's hypnotic readings were on file. They

studied them, lived by the principles contained in them and looked upon

the readings as being "inspired." A full-fledged cult was born. One

person to join the movement was John Lennon!

The thing that intrigued Lennon about Cayce's reading were the

seer's predictions regarding a new world. Cayce claimed that by 1999

total nuclear destruction would obliterate planet earth, with very few

people being spared. One of the rare safe spots would be Virginia

Beach. (For this reason, Lennon had purchased several pieces of

property in the area valued in excess of $1,000,000.) The lost

continent of Atlantis would then rise out of the sea. The survivors

would populate the new continent. Those close to John Lennon and Yoko

Ono say the couple were staunch believers in the validity of Cayce's

predictins. They expected to be inhabitants of the new world.

Nearly one-third of Edgar Cayce's readings dealt with Atlantis.

According Cayce, Atlantis existed 10,000,000 years ago before the

Creation story of Genesis 1. It was inhabited by spirit-beings, two of

which were Lennon and his wife. They were soul mates in their pre-

incarnate state. Because the Atlantians misused their vast knowledge,

disaster struck the continent. It was divided into five islands. One

was Poiseida, which Cayce said was located off the coast of Florida. A

final disaster submerged all the islands, and the present world

emerged. The spirit-entities of Atlantis took on physical bodies and

became the human race as we know it. This is Edgar Cayce's rendition

of the Creation story. Now you know how Adam and Eve got here!

John and Yoko traveled regularly to Virginia Beach to meet the late

seer's son Charles Thomas Cayce. The latter is president of the

Association for Research and Enlightenment, an umbrella organization

which promotes Edgar Cayce-ism worldwide. The Lennons conducted

research at the Center, attended seminars and purchased property. The

new pathway John Lennon had discovered was based on the predictions of

a dead seer. He and Yoko expected to usher in the new age.

Sysop's opinion: John Lennon in his open rebellion toward God

incouraged others to "Imagine there is no heaven, it is easy if you

try", has now come to realize that for him there is truly no heaven

awaiting him but only fiery indignation and finally the Lake of Fire.

But for those who believe and obey there is truly Heaven and the

greatest reward of all which is to be with the Lord for eternity.

...Dave Geauvreau

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