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     We append here an analysis of the farewell discourse and accompanying prayer.
     Part I--John xiii. 31-xiv. 31.
     Div. I--Words of comfort to disciples as children, ten (or at most thirteen) sentences in all:-
     1. Frst word, xiii. 34,35:Love one another in my absence.
     2. Second word, xiv 1-4: Have faith in God and in me. I will be looking after your interest while absent, and will come for you.
     3. Third word, xiv. 15-18: Even while away I will be with you per the Holy Spirit (19-21, enlargement).
      Div. II--Children's questions with the answers:--
     1. Peter's question, xiii. 36-38: Whither goest Thou?
     2. Thomas's question, xiv. 5-7: How can we know the way?
     3. Philip's request, xiv. 8-14: Show us the Father.
     4. Judas's question, xiv. 22-24: How cast Thou appear to us and not to the world?
     PART II--John xv., xvi: Dying charge to the future apostles (style changed).
     1. Allegory of the Vine, xv. 1-16: The apostles Christ's means of working in the world. They work through His life dwelling in them.
     2. Apostolic tribulations and encouragements, xv. 18-27, xvi 1-15: The world will hate, but the Spirit will convince the world, and enlighten them.
     3. The little while, and end of discourse, xvi. 16-33: Paradox of seeing and not seeing = physical absence, but spiritual presence. Adieu.
     PART III--John xvii: Intercessory prayer.
     1. Prays for Himself, vers. 1-5.
     2. Prays for disciples, vers. 6-19.
     3. Prays for Church, vers. 20-23.
     4. Conclusion of prayer, vers. 24-26.


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