by G. K. Chesterton

author of the Father Brown stories

It is very difficult to classify THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY. It is possible to say that it is a gripping adventure story of murderous criminals and brilliant policemen; but it was to be expected that the author of the Father Brown stories should tell a detective story like no-one else. On this level, therefore, THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY succeeds superbly; if nothing else, it is a magnificent tour-de-force of suspense writing.

However, the reader will soon discover that it is much more than that. Carried along on the boisterous rush of the narrative by Chesterton's wonderful high-spirited style, he will soon see that he is being carried into much deeper waters than he had planned on; and the totally unforeseeable denouement will prove for the modern reader, as it has for thousands of others since 1908 when the book was first published, an inevitable and moving experience, as the investigators finally discover who Sunday is.

Title Page
Chapter 1 The Two Poets of Saffron Park
Chapter 2 The Secret of Gabriel Syme
Chapter 3 The Man Who Was Thursday
Chapter 4 The Tale of a Detective
Chapter 5 The Feast of Fear
Chapter 6 The Exposure
Chapter 7 The Unaccountable Conduct of Professor de Worms
Chapter 8 The Professor Explains
Chapter 9 The Man in Spectacles
Chapter 10 The Duel
Chapter 11 The Criminals Chase the Police
Chapter 12 The Earth in Anarchy
Chapter 13 The Pursuit of The President
Chapter 14 The Six Philosophers
Chapter 15 The Accuser

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