[1] Not here, specially, that any one is under it, or that it is a rule of life for a people of God, but a rule of right and wrong to demonstrate evil to any conscience. In verse 5 we have the end of the commission of the gospel on the other hand, partaking of the divine nature-love and holiness, acting up to responsibility, a good conscience and the heart fully devoted to God, receiving His word and trusting Him.

[2]There is, however, some question as to the reading in Titus.

[3]We must not confound this act of power with discipline which is the act of the assembly and its formal duty. In l Corinthians 5 the apostle joins the assembly to himself in this act of power, but he delivered with the power of Christ. The duty of the assembly is stated there in verse 13. As to the saints' or assembly's part, when God has exercised discipline see 1 John 5:16; James 5:14, 15.

[4]So it would read in English; but I see no reason why "gune" should not apply to the elders' wives. It runs really thus, "In like manner [the] deacons . . . In like manner [the] wives." See, however, remarks [following -


[5]Some translate this word ('aptness'), "ready to learn."

[6] See note number


[7] But the assembly does not teach. Teachers teach the assembly, but by faithfulness in holding fast the truth taught, it sustains it in the world. Thus, in order to judge what the assembly is, we must know and be able to distinguish the truth and the living God. It is this which the apostle says with regard to the individual, "the Spirit is truth." These are the cardinal points with regard to unbelief and faith, the truth and the Spirit; and the word of God is the truth.

[8] Compare Matthew 10:29

[9] In Revelation 19 He is King of kings and Lord of lords. Here He who is so manifests Him. So in Daniel 7. The Son of man is brought to the Ancient of days, but in the same chapter the Ancient of days comes.

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