[1] Compare Proverbs 8:30,31 and Luke 2:14 and Psalm 40:6-8, "hast thou opened" being really, "thou has dug ears for me"-that is, prepared a body, the place of obedience, or a servant (Phil 2)' so translated by LXX, and accepted in Hebrews as just.

[2] In Greek it is the word 'philanthropy', which in scripture is only used in speaking of God; and which moreover has much greater force than the English word, because 'phil' is an especial affection for anything, a friendship.

[3]"palinggenisia" the word here used, is not being born again ("anagennao"). It is used, besides this passage, only in the end of Matthew 19 for the millennium. The renewing of the Holy Ghost is a distinctthing from the regeneration. This last is a change of one state of things to another.

[4]It is because "Christ" is in the parenthesis, and not in the principal sentence, that we read "ekeinos".

[5] Here, as everywhere, the responsibility of man and God's saving grace, by which purpose also is accomplished, are clearly distinguished.

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