13 Timerl.

14 Vereri.

15 Intercido, I cut or cleave.

16 Paranymphi.

17 Comp. Tertullian, Adv. Nat. ii. 11; Arnobius, Contra Gent. iv.; Lactantius, Inst. i. 20.

18 Mentioned also by Tertullian, Apol. 12, but not extant.

19 Numina. Another reading is nomina; and with either reading another translation is admissible; "One is announcing to a god the names (or gods) who salute him."

1 Tert. Apol. 13, Nec electio sine reprobatione; and Ad Nationes, ii. 9, Si dei bulbi seliguntur, qui non seliguntur, reprobi pronuntiantur.

2 Cicero, De Nat. Deor ii., distinguishes this Liber from Liber Bacchus, son of Jupiter and Semele.

3 Januam.

4 Vivificator.

5 Sensificator.

6 As we say, right-minded.

7 Ch. 21, 23.

8 The father Saturn, and the mother Ops, e.g., being more obscure than their son Jupiter and daughter Juno.

9 Sallust, Cat. Conj. ch. 8.

10 Vicus argentarius.

11 Virgil, Aeneid, viii. 357, 358.

12 Quadrifrons.

13 Frons.

14 Quanto iste innocentior esset, tasto frontosier appareret; being used for the shamelessness of innocence, as we use "face" for the shamelessness of impudence.

15 Cicero, Tusc. Quaest. v. 13.

16 An interesting account of the changes made in the Roman year by Numa is given in Plutarch's life of that king. Ovid also (Fasti, ii.) explains the derivation of February, telling us that it was the last month of the old year, and took its name from the lustrations performed then: Februa Romani dixere piamina patres.

17 Ennius, in Cicero, De Nat. Deor. ii. 18.

18 John x. 9.

19 Georgic, ii. 470.

20 Summa, which also includes the meaning-last.

21 Virgil, Eclog. iii. 60, who borrows the expression from the Phoenomena of Aratus.

22 Soranus lived about B.C. 100. See Smith's Dict.

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