37 Our own Mss., of which Augustin here speaks, were the Latin versions of the Septuagint used by the Church before Jerome's was received; the "Hebrew Mss." were the versions made from the Hebrew text. Compare De Doct. Christ. ii. 15 et seqq.

38 Jerome (De Qunaest. Heb. in Gen.) says it was a question famous in all the churches-Vives.

39 "Quos in auctoritatem celebriorum Ecclesia suscepit."

40 See below, book xviii. c. 42-44.

41 C. 8.

42 On this subject see Wilkinson's note to the second book (appendix) of Rawlinson's Herodotus, where all available reference are given.

43 One hundred and eighty-seven is the number given in the Hebrew, and one hundred and sixty-seven in the Septuagint; but notwithstanding the confusion, the argument of Augustin is easily followed.

44 Gen. vii. 10, 11, (in our version the seventeenth day).

45 Gen. viii. 4, 5.

46 Ps. xc. 10.

47 Gen. iv, 1.

48 Gen. iv. 25.

49 Gen.v.6.

50 Gen.v.8.

51 Matt. i.

52 His own children being the children of his sister, and therefore his nephews.

53 This was allowed by the Egyptians and Athenians, never by the Romans.

54 Both in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, though not uniformly, nor in Latin commonly.

55 Gen. v. 2.

56 Luke xx. 35, 36.

57 Gen. iv. 18-22.

58 Gen. iv. 26.

59 Rom. viii. 24, 25.

60 Rom. x. 13.

61 Jer. xvii. 5.

62 Aeneid, i. 288.

63 Aeneid, iii. 97.

64 Luke xx. 34.

65 Rom. ix. 5.

66 Eusebius, Jerome, Bede, and others, who follow the Septuagint, reckon only 2242 years, which Vives explains by supposing Augustin to have made a copyist's error.

67 Transgreditur.

68 Ps. li. 3.

69 Gen. v. 1.

70 Ps. xlix. 11.

71 Ps. lxxiii. 20.

72 Ps. lii. 8.

73 Ps. xl.4.

74 Or, according to another reading, "Which I briefly said in these verses in praise of a taper."

75 Cant. ii. 4.

76 See De Doct. Christ. i. 28.

77 Ps. civ. 4.

78 On these kinds of devils, see the note of Vives in loc, or Lecky's Hist. of Rationalism, i. 26, who quotes from Maury's Histoire de la Magie, that the Dusii were Celtic spirits, and are the origin of our "Deuce."

79 2 Pet. ii. 4.

80 Mark i. 2.

81 Mal. ii. 7.

82 Gen. vi. 1-4. Lactantius (Inst. ii. 15), Sulpicius Severus (Hist. i. 2), and others suppose from this passage that angels had commerce with the daughters of men. See further references in the commentary of Pererius in loc.

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