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1997 and Earlier

12/31/97 12/19/97 12/15/97 10/31/97 10/27/97 10/13/97 10/6/97 10/2/97 9/26/97 9/11/97 9/5/97 9/4/97 8/26/97 8/25/97 8/21/97 8/19/97 8/6/97 8/4/97 7/30/97 7/21/97 7/19/97 7/15/97 7/3/97 6/4/97 6/3/97 5/27/97 5/24/97 5/23/97 5/21/97 5/20/97 4/29/97 4/24/97 4/22/97 4/18/97 4/11/97 4/7/97 4/5/97 4/4/97 3/31/97 3/28/97 3/24/97 3/13/97 3/11/97 Added new or revised biographies from @Mark Browning: 3/7/97 3/5/97 3/1/97 2/26/97 2/17/97
2/14/97 Added a one-volume compendium of Calvin's Commentaries, with
	organized by topic. Available as a multi-file HTML web. Also,
	a new version of Baxter's Saints' Rest, with some typos
	removed, set up as a multi-file HTML web.

1/20/97	Added a "Help wanted" document.

1/18/97 Added an HTML version of Josephus' works to the more books page.

1/17/97 Added a nice HTML version of the works of Josephus, to the
	"more books" page.  Added another sermon of J. Edwards --
	"Many Mansions".

1/11/97	Preliminary RTF markup guidelines for volunteers who convert
	text (or html) documents to RTF for the purposes of this
	archive are available at

1/7/97	Added 14 sermons by Jonathan Edwards, from

	What happened to my link to the George Whitefield sermons? Did
	I delete it accidentally? Or did I forget to add it? I don't
	know.  Anyway, there's a linke to the Whitefield sermons now.

1/6/97	Added a new sermon from Jonathan Edwards --The Importance and 
	Advantage of a Thorough Knowledge of Divine Truth, from Craig

1/5/97	Added to the "more books" page: Harriet N. Cook, The 
	Scripture Alphabet of Animals, Daniel Defoe, Robinson 
	Crusoe, W.M. Ramsay, St. Paul the Traveler and the Roman 
	Citizen, Adam Clarke, Entire Sanctification, A. B. Bruce,
	Training of the Twelve.

	Added link from ccel main page to "The Life of the late Rev. 
	Mr. John Flavel, minister of Dartmouth".

1/4/97	Added a new sermon from Jonathan Edwards -- Christ's Agony,
	contributed by Craig Woods.  I also made an index page for 
	Edwards' sermons.

1/2/97	I've had the complete set of Wesley sermons for some time now,
	the ccel home page pointed to the wrong index page.  That's
	been corrected.

12/28/96 HTML versions of Boehme's Supersensual Life and Law's Spirit
	of Prayer and Spirit of Love.  

12/19/96 Added a link to Dante's Divine Comedy.  Added Andrew
	Thomson's Life of Dr. Owen, indexed on the "more books" page.

	Added links on the "more books" page to some creeds,
	catechisms, confessions, a church order and a liturgy.

	Added A sermon by Flavel, "Christ Altogether Lovely".  I found
	it elsewhere on the web, and now I've forgotten where, but you
	can find it yourself with a search engine.

12/10/96 Added links in the main CCEL page to Cassian's Conferences, 
	Augustine's City of God, which were already present in the 
	Early Church Fathers series.

	Also added nicer indexes for the Whitefield sermons.

12/02/96 Loaded up the Online Bible CD-ROM that was given to me and
	copied all the files to ftp://ccel.wheaton.edu/OnlineBible/win
	It's not really set up yet for convenient access -- I'm not 
	sure the files are presented in such a way that you can 
	really install and use them.  I'll work on this -- in the 
	mean time, if you want to experiment, you're on your own.

	The CD-ROM is designed for windows 3.1 and has a program that 
	claims to "fix most of the problems people have been having 
	using this software under windows 95."

	Contents include: Thompsons Chain Ref, Strongs, Greek and
	Hebrew lexicons, 12 english translations, 30 non-english
	translations, Greek and Hebrew bibles, commentaries including 
	Concise Matthew Henry, Geneva notes, Robertson Word Pictures, 
	John Gill's exposition, Archaeological material, etc.

	Be warned: the entire package is a couple of hundred MB, but
	you don't need to download or install all the modules.

	HELP WANTED.  If someone would be so kind as to create a 
	readme file with instructions for selecting modules, 
	downloading modules over the internet and installing, I'd 
	appreciate it.  I haven't tried the software, so I can't give 
	help at this point.

11/23/96 Added @History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
	a 4-vol set.

11/19/96 Added a link to the works of Josephus, to the "other
	resources" page.

11/15/96 Added the last three volumes of Gibbon's Decline and Fall, in
	in text format, from David Reed, to the "other works" page.

11/11/96 HTML version of Mysticism by Underhill and Theologia
	Germanica.  These were converted automatically by rtftohtml 
	3.01; some bugs in the conversion configuration files have to 
	be worked out yet. But I can just type "make" to re-do the 

11/9/96 Master and Man, by Tolstoy, from the Tolstoy Library,

11/1/96	Lilith, by George Macdonaled, in nicely formatted HTML, from
	an unknown contributor.

10/29/96 Added vol. III of Gibbon's Decline and Fall, in text format,
	1533k, from David Reed, to the "other works" page.

10/19/96 Sermon by Jonathan Edwards, "God's sovereignty in the
	salvation of men," contributed by Patrick Robinson
	. (I also changed the name of another
	of Edwards' sermons to "The end of the wicked contemplated"
	from "The Torments of the Wicked in Hell, No Occasion of Grief
	to the Saints in Heaven" -- the latter was really a subtitle.

10/17/96 Vol. II of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 
	text format, 1789k, from David Reed. Added to the "other 
	works" page.

10/16/96 Mysticism, by Evelyn Underhill, in RTF format.  I'll convert
	it to HTML and text when I get a chance.  1889k.

10/11/96 Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol I
	of six, in a nicely formatted text file.  From David Reed  
	.  The link is on the "more books" 
	page.	More volumes are said to be forthcoming.

10/9/96 Three more computer-generated HTML volumes of the Early Church
	Fathers:  NPNF1-05, NPNF1-12, NPNF2-12.

10/7/96 A new version of Theologia Germanica.  I've added preface,
	translator's notes, footnotes, etc.  Only available in RTF
	at this time, HTML and Text when I can get rtf2html to handle

	Winhelp versions of the reaming volumes of the ECF series.

10/3/96 WinHelp versions of the first 6 volumes of the ECF series,
	from Maged Kamel.  The rest are forthcoming.

	Added two works by Jonathan Edwards: Treatise on Grace, and a
	sermon entitled The Torments of the Wicked in Hell, No
	Occasion of Grief to the Saints in Heaven. Contributed by
	Craig Woods.

10/2/96	A nice HTML edition of the first volume of the Early Church
	Fathers series by Brian Guest, and programmatically-generated
	HTML versions of NPNF2-01, NPNF2-03, NPNF2-04, NPNF2-07, and
	NPNF2-10. Progress on the Early Church Fathers!  

9/26/96 Sermon by Jonathan Edwards: "God Glorified in Man's
	Dependence," from the Banner of Truth Works volumes,
	contributed by Craig Woods.

9/19/96 Four volumes of the Early CHurch Fathers in HTML.  Three of
	were done programmatically -- ANF-01, ANF-04, and NPNF1-02.
	One of them (NPNF2-11, Cassian et al) is a wonderful work 
	by Liz Knuth  complete with 
	footnotes, proofreading, and some additions. The footnotes 
	are even linked to the actual cross-reference, where possible!  

9/12/96	HTML version of NPNF1-02, Augustine's City of God and On
	Christian Doctrine.

9/6/96	Added a sermon by Jonathan Edwards, "A Divine and Supernatural
	Light, immediately imparted to the soul by the spirit of God,
	Shown to be both scriptural and rational doctrine".  Edwards' 
	epistemology was far more accomodating to religious belief,
	far deeper in its understanding of faith as the evidence of
	things unseen, and (I think) far better than what is commonly 
	found today. But a revolution in modern epistemology is underway...

9/3/96	Added Plotinus' Enneads and James' Varieties of Religious
	Experience, from a PD source.  These texts are indexed on the
	secondary list mentioned below.

8/27/96 Re-arranged a bit; made a separate list of books that are not
	on the classics list (http://ccel.wheaton.edu/all.html).  Moved a
	couple of works to the not-quite-classic list (or classic and
	relevant but not Christian or not of the right sort for other
	reasons).  Add links to a couple of off-site books to the 
	secondary list, e.g. a Spanish critical edition of all of the 
	works of John of the Cross and Theresa Avila.
	Eventually I'll set up a database of references so I can automatically
	construct various lists; for now, this not-quite-ideal setup.
8/13/96 Updated the FAQ. I'm on a partial vacation this month and I'll
	be very busy with teaching in September and October.  I do 
	have some books in the works, though--Calvin's commentaries 
	on Acts and Romans, a volume of selections of Calvin's 
	commentaries, and Evelyn Underhill's classic study "Mysticism".

8/10/96 Removed Tozer's Pursuit of God, after someone sent me a 
	message saying that it is not in the public domain.

7/31/96 Added about 10 books by Tolstoy, from The Tolstoy Library, 
	http://home.aol.com/Tolstoy28, email: [email protected]
	Also some bibliographic and critical essays, which are
	not in the CCEL page at the moment but can be accessed by FTP.

7/29/96	Added D.L. Sayers' Catholic Tales and Christian Songs, scanned
	by John Ockerbloom, [email protected]

	Added HTML versions of Guyon's Autobiography.  Tried out 
	RTFtoHTML 3.01--which looks great.  I've also added HTML
	versions of several volumes of the Early Church Fathers over
	the past months.

	Added links to works by Benedict, Emerson, Woolman.

7/25/96 Added Foxe's Book of Martyrs, from a public-domain source.

7/3/96	HTML version of Paradise Lost, from a public-domain source.

6/20/96 Added Treatise Written to a Devout Man, by Walter Hilton, in
	HTML, with and without forms.  

6/18/96 Added E.M. Bounds' classic Power through Prayer, scanned from
	the Baker reprint edition, in paged HTML. 
	Added Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground, text format, 
	from a well known source of plain vanilla ASCII etexts.

6/17/96 Added PDF version of Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 1.

5/29/96 Added J.C. Robertson's Sketches of Church History... to the
	larger list (all.html). From James E. Kiefer

5/20/96 Added Flavel's "Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption; Owen's
	Of Communion with God, A Vindication of some Passages in a 
	Discourse concerning Communion with God, and Two short 
	Catechisms; Watson's Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments; and 
	Calvin's commentary on Malachi in text and zip formats, from 
	a contributor.

4/26/96 Added a Frequently Asked Questions document.

4/17/96	HTML version of HERETICS, courtesy Arthur Klassen

4/15/96 HTML version of Darby's Synopsis for Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

4/8/96  Added Flavel's "The Fountain of Life opened up:...", a
	collection of 42 sermons [1.4MB].  Added Dostoevsky's Brothers
	Karamozov and Crime and Punishment, as 2 and 1.4 MB text 
	files respectively. There's a few hours' reading...

4/3/96	With all of that fine new disk space, I was able to add the 
	excite search engine.  Now you can search the entire archive. 

4/1/96	Added text version of All of Grace by Spurgeon.  Finished
	restoring WWSB after files (and recent backups) were deleted.
	Added 45 more links.

3/29/96 NEWS!  Got the 4 gig hard drive.  Now I can start adding
	things again.  
	Added an html version of MacDonald's "At the Back of the 
	North Wind." Also the Swiss Family Robinson, available from 
	the "comprehensive" page. Also HTML version of ANF-03, one of 
	the volumes of the early church fathers.

3/21/96 Working on separating the list into "all books" and "select
	classics".  Added Luther's Preface to Romans to the all-books
	list. (The all books list is not yet reachable by any links.)

	Also lost most of the WWSB database recently--most of it can
	be re-created without too much difficulty, though.

3/7/96  Added new HTML version of Calvin's commentary on Genesis 1-23.

2/24/96 Added a text version of Calvin's _Institutes_, book 4; also
	Calvin's commentary on Haggai. WWSB now has about 12000 links.  
	The CCEL server is getting 10,000-12,000 accesses per day.

2/19/96	HTML version of Darby's Synopsis--all of the NT except the

2/13/96 Added Heretics by GK Chesterton in text format, scanned by 
	Martin Ward.

2/8/96  Added The Holy War and Grace Abounding by John Bunyan.  Also
	added Pilgrim's Progress--both books 1 and 2.  Previously it
	had been only book 1.

1/24/96 Added several works by William Law:  
	An Humble, Earnest, and Affectionate Address to the Clergy
	An Appeal to all that Doubt the Truths of the Gospel
	The Nature and Extent of the Lord's Supper and Redemption
	The Way to Divine Knowlege
	Of Justification by Faith and Works
	A Collection of Letters on Several Occasions
	The Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regeneration
	The Spirit of Love
	The Spirit of Prayer

	All typed by Warner White ([email protected],
	[email protected]).

1/18/96 Added Teresa's Interior Castle, in RTF, scanned from the
	Peers translation; added Pursuit of God, by A. W. Tozer.

1/3/96	Added Rutherford, A Selection from his Letters, from anonymous

	Added a link to Summa Theologica from the New Advent Catholic
	web page.

1/2/96	Added a link to "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer.  

	Installed revision of World Wide Study Bible--now based on
	a database, with 7898 links.  

	Also, more volumes of the Early Church Fathers are appearing 
	in HTML, but I'm not going to write them all in here.

12/12/95 HTML versions of Excellency of Christ by Edwards and 23 Tales
	by Tolstoy.

12/9/95 NPNF Series I, volume X, in HTML format.

12/5/95 Added The Saints' Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter, scanned
	and formatted by Brad Haugaard.

11/29/95 Added The Confession of St. Patrick, translated by Ludwig
	Bieler, scanned by Michael K. Johnson, and De Contemptu 
	Mundi, by St.  Eucheris of Lyons, Tr. Henry Vaughan, from The 
	St. Pachomius Library.

11/22/95 Added the Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich,
	scanned by John Ockerbloom.

10/27/95 Added the entire Early Church Fathers--the significant
	writings of the Church up to the year 800.  Most of the
	contents of 38 volumes is included, making up about 80 MB of
	data.  From the Electronic Bible Society's first CD-ROM.
	These works all need to be split up into html files of up to
	about 50K--if you want to help out, please let me know.

10/24/95 Added The Club of Queer Trades, fiction by GK Chesterton,
	in HTML.

10/23/95 Added Calvins institutes, books 2 and 3.  Also added Calvin's
	commentaries on Hebrews, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, and Zephaniah.
	All are text files from a single (prolific) source.

	I have also acquired the Electronic Bible Society CD-ROM,
	with the entire 39-volume church fathers.  This will hopefully
	go on-line soon.

10/7/95 CCEL moved to Wheaton College.  It is being served up by 
	a (mostly) dedicated Sparcstation 5.  Current access rate
	is approaching 10,000 accesses per day; I hope that the 
	new server will support a 10-fold increase in access rate,
	which should be sufficient for the near future.  Thanks
	to Wheaton College for providing the server.

9/15/95 Added proofread pdf, RTF versions of Theologia Germanica

9/14/95 Added nicely-formatted multi-file HTML versions of St. Teresa
	of Avila's Way and Life, from Roberto Pirastu. Searching
	won't work before the move to Wheaton college occurs.:

8/16/95 I've moved to Wheaton College.  The CCEL will be moving in 
	a couple of months.  My new email address:  [email protected],
	web site (not yet set up) will be http://ccel.wheaton.edu/
	and http://ccel.wheaton.edu/~whp/

	Added:  four more volumes of Calvin's commentaries:  Hosea,
	Joel, Amos, Obadiah.  Text format.  (Anyone want to convert
	them to HTML?)  Also 
	- Book 1 of Calvin's Institutes in text format.
	- On the Worship of God, John Owen, txt
	- Christologia, John Owen, txt

7/24/95 Added 1&2 Thessalonians to Darby's Synopsis, from Doug Nicolet

7/21/95 Added pdf versions of Teresa's Life, Ruysbroeck's Adornment,
	Tolstoy's 23 Tales, and Hilton's Ladder.

7/18/95 Added Wesley's hymnbook, from John Harris.  The
	original, as well as some other methodist resources,
	on his home page, http://pls.bristol.ac.uk/~jrh.

7/11/95 Added HTML version of The Day Boy and the Night Girl by G.
	MacDonald courtesy Henry Churchyard.

7/10/95 Added the Life of Teresa of Avila, RTF version.  Scanned from
	the Peers translation.

7/7/95  Added the entire collection of Wesley sermons, in html, indexed
	by number and by title.  Text files from the Wesley Center for
	Applied Theology.

6/28/95 Added the Apocrypha to the WWSB (King James Version).

6/26/95 Added Calvin's commentary on Genesis (volume II), text
	version, from an anonymous contributor.
6/24/95 Added The Day Boy and the Night Girl, by George MacDonald,
	scanned by Tim Middleton. 
	Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, a sermon by Jonathan Edwards.  
	Two more sections of Darby's Synopsis of the whole Bible courtesy
	Doug Nicolet:  1 Timothy and 2 Timothy. 
	"The Christian's Great Interest" by William Guthrie, first published 
	in 1668.

	Paged HTML version of A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy
	Life, by William Law (highly recommended).

	(Finally got some time to catch up!)

6/14/95 Added St. Ephraim of Syria's "The Pearl" from teh St.
	Pachomius library.

6/6/95	Added a link to a German-English Parallel Bible, from 
        Dieter Goebel

6/5/95	Added HTML version of Calvin's commentary on Genesis.  One
	enormous HTML file--will try to page it later.

5/26/95 Added HTML version of "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius.
	Text version from Paul Halsall; html by Tim Hawes
5/24/95 Added quickie html version of the Way of Perfection by St.
	Teresa.  Paged version to come.  Put in parts of Darby's
	Synopsis of the Bible, a project in progress of Doug Nicolet.

5/9/95  Added text version of A brief Declaration and Vindication of
	The Doctrine of the Trinity, by John Owen. Scanned by an 
	anonymous contributor.

5/8/95  Added HTML version of Pilgrim's Progress, by Jim Milligan.
	Added Calvin's commentary on Genesis, scanned by an 
	anonymous contributor.

5/2/95  Added The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila in RTF
	version, scanned from public domain Peers translation.  
	Added On Christian Doctrine by St. Augustine, text version.
	From an anonymous contributor.

4/6/95  Added The Doctrine of Justification by Faith and Evidences
	of the Faith of God's Elect, by John Owen, scanned from a
	Banner of Truth facsimile edition by an anonymous contributor.

4/5/95  Added Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews, by John
	Calvin, scanned from an uncopyrighted Eerdmans edition
	by another anonymous contributor.

3/30/95 Added text version of "The Supersensual Life," by Jacob Boehme,
	scanned by John Richards.

3/29/95 Added text version of _Theologia Germanica_, from an 1893
	edition, courtesy John Richards.

3/27/95 Added Twenty-Three Tales by Tolstoy, initially in RTF format.
	Scanned from 1907 edition.  Also Hitchcock's Bible Names
	Dictionary, text version typed by Brad Haugaard.

3/24/95 Added Walter Hilton's Scale (or Ladder) of Perfection,
	initially in RTF format.  Added a proofread RTF version of 
	Law's Serious Call.  

3/21/95 Added The Light Princess, by George MacDonald, from Michael
	K. Johnson. 

3/7/95  Added hypertext table of contents and better paging to
	Augustine's confessions.

3/3/95  New version of The Spiritual Exercises.  Now it has a good,
	paged table of contents.

2/21/95 The Anonymous Assistant strikes again, this time with an HTML
	version of Till He Come.  Take a look--these are very
	inspiring communion meditations.

2/18/95 Added acrobat versions (pdf) of many of the books.  Get your
	own free Acrobat Reader v2.0 from Adobe (http://www.adobe.com).

2/10/95 Added a collection of sermons by John Wesley, from the
	Memorial University of Newfoundland gopher.

1/31/95 Added paged HTML version of Wisdom of Father Brown, 
	formated by the dreaded Anonymous Assistant.

1/30/95 Modified Innocence to use the pager on individual stories.

1/27/95 Fixed Enchiridion (Handbook on Faith, Hope, Love) footnotes. 
	Fixed imagemapping pointer to "Practice of presence".

1/26/95 Added A Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross.
	Available with and without modernization of the text by
	updating Thee's and Thou's, etc.

1/20/95 Added the World Wide Study Bible initial verison.

1/17/95 Added HTML version of The Innocence of Father Brown, formatted
	by an anonymous assistant.

1/16/95 Added the Autobiography of George Fox, in text, HTML, and RTF

1/11/95 Added a pointer on the CCEL page to the (experimental) vocal
	music web, maintained by Greg Scheer.

1/3/95  Added Dialog of Catherine of Siena, in text, RTF, and paged
	HTML.  The language has been modernized by eliminating the
	"thee and thou" case. 

12/21/94 Added paged HTML version of "Of Prayer" by John Calvin, with
	illustration and active outline.
	Added "The Innocence of Father Brown," from an unnamed but
	well-known source of public domain plain vanilla ascii etexts.

12/20/94 Fixed cross references in Easton's Bible Dictionary

12/19/94 Paged HTML version of Religious Affections.  Very long but
	very worthwhile.

12/16/94 Paged HTML version of The Practice of the Presence.

12/14/94 Paged HTML version of The Man Who Was Thursday. Fixed
	footnotes in Confessions, Uniformity. Revised hypercard
	edition of the Confessions.  Minor tweak to pager.cgi.

12/4/94  Added a modern translation of The Imitation of Christ,
	available in RTF, text, and paged HTML.  This is the book
	I've been most eager to offer.  Now you see why I didn't
	ever finish proofreading and formatting those other 
	translations.  Scanned from a 1940 edition whose copyright
	was not renewed.

11/29/94 Removed the encyclicals.  These are archived and nicely
	indexed at the american.edu archive of Catholic documents.
	Try http://listserv.american.edu/catholic

11/23/94 Added "The Necessity of Prayer," by E.M. Bounds, in RTF, 
	text, and paged HTML versions.  Scanned from an uncopyrighted
	Baker Book House edition.

11/22/94 Added pointers in the index page for 150 Papal Encyclicals
	from a local BBS.  Since these aren't really a perfect fit 
	for the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, they may be here
	only temporarily, especially if another internet archive
	stores them and indexes them nicely.  

11/21/94 Added Hypercard expanded book version of Pusey's translation
	of Augustine's confessions.  

11/18/94 Made the index page for Easton's Bible Dictionary
	hierarchical and used pager to access individual definitions.
	Still lots of work to do on ebd, though.

11/7/94  Paged HTML version of On Loving God by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
	Text version from Paul Halsall .

10/28/94 Paged HTML version of Enchiridion (Handbook on Faith, Hope,
	and Love).

10/25/94 Fixed footnotes in Augustine's Confessions.

10/24/94 Text version of Ascent of Mount Carmel.  Thanks to Mark

10/14/94 Paged HTML version of uniformity.  Hey, this pager business
	seems to be pretty nice.

10/13/94 Development version of pager script.  Spiritual exercises set
	up for paging.  Bug reports and suggestions to
	[email protected]

	Added cover page for "confessions".  Set up access to the 
	confessions through the pager, though footnotes are not yet
	working.  In this case, one book per page, but it's better
	than the whole thing in one document...

10/7/94 Changes to Matthew Henry Commentary:  accepts lower case
	references, accepts references without chapter number

10/5/94 Preliminary HTML version of Easton's Bible Dictionary.
	No searching yet.  (Or should I call it "The Illustrated 
	Bible Dictionary Without Illustrations"?

9/30/94 Added "Wisdom of Father Brown" by G. K. Chesterton, from
	vega.dur.ac.uk.  Add subject/author index.

9/29/94 Fixed a couple of bugs in the Matthew Henry Commentary.  Made
	it possible to access the commentary even if you don't have
	forms.  Perl program used to format the commentary into HTML
	is also now available, as format-mhc.pl.  Wow, perl may get
	the job done, but it sure is ugly...

9/26/94 Added text version of Ruysbroeck's _Adornment..._.

9/24/94 Added development version of The Concise Matthew Henry
	Commentary. It is accessed from the (also new) Reference
	bookshelf.  Still under development--report any bugs to
	[email protected]

9/20/94 Added file formats information page. Started work on reference
	bookshelf. (Big step for me-->first pointer to off-site

9/15/94 Added HTML version and cover page for "Ascent of Mount Carmel"
	by St. John of the Cross (thanks to John Ockerbloom).  
	Also added an experimental web on choral music, including 
	hymns and classics, with words, midi files, quicktime 
	movies, and gif and postscript files of music.  If you want 
	to give feedback and suggestions, you can give it a try at
	"http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~planting/music/". At this point it is
	mainly a skeleton for evaluation--would it be useful to you?

9/12/94 Added "The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage and other
	works" by John of Ruysbroeck, 12th century Flemish
	mystic. Translated by C.A. Wynschenk, introduction by 
	Evelyn Underhill. Published 1916 by Dent in London. International 
	copyright unknown (when did Wynschenk die?). Download in 
	the US only, please. Filename adornment1.0.RTF.

9/6/94  Added "this morning" and "this evening" buttons to Spurgeon's
	Morning and Evening.  Put them in your hot list! Also, a
	1-file html version of Morning and Evening with section
	anchors and proper italics.

9/2/94  Added top-level "tools" directory, and in it, a tool that is 
	supposed to be able to display RTF files on unix/motif.  I
	haven't been able to test it.  Anyone have success?

8/25/94 Added "Religious Affections" by Jonathan Edwards.  Scanned
	from the 1851 printing of the Worcester edition.  Text and
	RTF versions available. Added recommended readings bookshelf.

8/24/94 Added Greg Scheer's Winter 94 choral music catalog.  It is
	located in ../music/scheer/00WINTER_94_CATALOG.

8/19/94 Added text version of "On Prayer".  Revised HTML version of
	Dark Night and added cover page.

8/17/94 Added "On Prayer" by John Calvin, Book III chapter XX of the
	Institutes, prayer0.9.RTF.  Scanned from Beveridge's 1845
	translation; edited by James Keiffer and Harry Plantinga.

8/15/94 Added text version and html cover page for "Absent from the Body."

8/10/94 Added text version of Dark Night.

8/9/94  Added Light, Life, and Love, by W. R. Inge,
	light_life_love1.0.RTF. Scanned from a 1904 Methuen & Co. 
	(London) edition.  Public domain in the US, but 
	international copyright unknown.  Please do not download 
	outside the US. If anyone knows how to determine the 
	international copyright status, let me know
	([email protected]

8/8/94  Added Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, by John Milton.  
	Retrieved from Wiretap.  Edited Exercises cover page.

8/5/94  Added Uniformity postscript version.  Added text version of 
	The Man Who Was Thursday.

8/2/94  Split out "Death's Duel" from Donne's Devotions, and added it
	as a separate book.  Cleaned up formatting of HTML Devotions,
	added cover pic. 

8/1/94  Added HTML version of THe Man who was Thursday and Dark Night
	of the Soul, courtesy [email protected]
	Added absent_body1.0.RTF, Absent from the Body, a sermon by
	Jonathan Edwards.

7/21/94 Revised Spiritual Exercises HTML format, to include a table of
	contents and to clean up the formatting some. Added text version
	and info page for Uniformity.

7/20/94 Removed Thornton's "Fruits of the Spirit" from the HTML index.
	This is believed to represent an increase in the average quality
	of the texts listed in the index. (It's still available via FTP.)

7/19/94 Added "Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of the Cross, in RTF
	format, dark_night0.9.RTF.  Scanned from uncopyrighted 1959 
	Image Books edition.  Two great titles in two short days for 
	one low price!  Also finished HTML author index--you can access
	most everything from the web. Added info for two books: "The
	Man who was Thursday" and "Fruits of the Spirit".

7/18/94 Added "The Man Who Was Thursday," by G. K. Chesterton. Published
	in the US in 1960 without a copyright notice.  "A wild, mad, 
	hilarious, and profoundly moving tale."  thursday1.0.RTF.
	Removed "Practice of the Presence"--uncertain of copyright status.
	Reorganized archive:  now you can access most every book from the
	"books" (alias HTML) subdirectory.

7/15/94 Added an HTML version of "On the Christian Life."

7/14/94 Added a text version of "On the Christian Life," by John Calvin.

7/13/94 Added "On the Christian Life," by John Calvin, actually Book III,
	Chapters VI to X, in RTF/calvin/christian_life.RTF.  Deleted pdf 
	files.  Only 4 downloads, and some of them were by me.

7/12/94 Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises is the most popular work!  Surprised
	me anyway.  Added a postscript version of the _Exercises_.

7/8/94  Added Morning and Evening, by C. H. Spurgeon, in HTML multi-file 

7/5/94  Added "The Practice of the Presence of God," by Brother Lawrence,
	in text/bro_lawrence/practice_of_presence.txt; "A Serious Call to
	a Devout and Holy Life," by William Law, in text/law/a_serious_call.txt;
	a collection of hymns edited by John Wesley, in 
	../music/john_wesley/hymns.txt.  These documents were scanned by 
	John Harris, Bristol, England.

7/1/94	Added Ascent of Mt. Carmel, by St. John of the Cross.  In 
	RTF/john_of_the_cross/ascent_of_mt_carmel0.0.RTF.  One of the
	all-time classics of mystical theology by "the greatest of all
	mystical theologians" (Thomas Merton).

6/22/94 Two Charles Wesley hymn texts:  Christ, Whose Glory fills the skies;
	God of my life, whose gracious power

6/21/94 Two Charles Wesley hymn texts:  Love divine, all loves excelling; 
	Jesus, Lover of my soul.

6/20/94 Two Charles Wesley hymn texts:  O for a thousand tongues to sing;
	Rejoice, the Lord is King!

6/17/94 Two Charles Wesley hymn texts:  Suffering Son of Man, be Near me;
	Christ the Lord is risen today.

6/16/94 Two Charles Wesley hymn texts in ../music/classic_hymns/charles_wesley.
	Come Thou long expected Jesus; Hark! the herald Angels sing.

6/8/94  (back from vacation!) Uploaded all_of_grace1.0.RTF.gz, a proof-read 
	version of Spurgeon's All of Grace.

5/26/94 Uploaded text version of Till He Come, till1.0.txt.

5/23/94 Uploaded new version of kempis_imitation.HTML (still one file though).

5/20/94 Uploaded uniformity1.0.RTF.

5/17/94 Uploaded uniformity0.8.RTF, "Uniformity With God's Will," by 
	St. Alphonsus de Ligouri.  This is scanned from an uncopyrighted 
	1977 edition published by Tan Books in the US.  

	Uploaded exercises1.0.RTF, "The Spiritual Exercises of St. 
	Ignatius of Loyola."

5/12/94 Uploaded confessions_outler1.0.pdf

5/11/94 Uploaded donne_devotions1.1.pdf and chesterton_orthodoxy1.0.pdf.
	PDF is a reasonably nice file format--even with hyperlinks.  But 
	does anyone use it?

5/10/94 Uploaded Exercises0.2.RTF, The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of
	Loyola.  Scanned from a 1914 New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons edition.
	Added copyright info for Orthodoxy.

5/5/94	Uploaded new version of Spurgeon's Till He Come:
	RTF/spurgeon/till_he_come1.0.RTF.  Uploaded Hooker's "A learned
	Discourse of Justification, Works, and how the Foundation of
	Faith is Overthrown," from Christia listserv.

5/3/94	Added some copyright info to 00Abstracts file.  Advertised the
	setext books in comp.sys.mac.misc.

4/29/94	Added RTF/spurgeon/Till_He_Come0.5.RTF.gz.  A collection of 
	communion meditations.  About 1/2 proofread.

4/28/94	Added a collection of books in setext format and Easy View 2.44 
	viewer.   An experiment with another bookreading platform.  In 
	the macintosh/setext directory.

4/26/94	Replace chesterton_orthodoxy.html with a revised version, split up
	into chapters.

4/25/94	Added text/edwards/Excellence_of_Christ.txt, a sermon by Jonathan
	Edwards.  (From christia listserv).

4/22/94 Added draft HTML versions of Orthodoxy, Imitation of Christ, and 
	Donne's Devotions.  Also added norwind.txt (from wiretap).

4/21/94	Added source code for two Newton books and a postscript version of All
	of Grace.

4/15/94 Added All_of_Grace0.2.RTF.

4/13/94	Added If Monks had Macs hypercard stacks from sumex.

4/12/94	Added Donne's Devotions v1.1 in RTF form.

4/8/94	Set up wu-ftpd logging ftpd server.  

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