At the Back of the North Wind

by George MacDonald

This etext was digitized by Cardinalis Etext Press in 1993, and converted to HTML by @Michael K. Johnson in 1996, with typos corrected and italics added from a printed edition by Airmont.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Hay-Loft
Chapter 2: The Lawn
Chapter 3: Old Diamond
Chapter 4: North Wind
Chapter 5: The Summer-House
Chapter 6: Out in the Storm
Chapter 7: The Cathedral
Chapter 8: The East Window
Chapter 9: How Diamond Got to the Back of the North Wind
Chapter 10: At the Back of the North Wind
Chapter 11: How Diamond Got Home Again
Chapter 12: Who Met Diamond at Sandwich
Chapter 13: The Seaside
Chapter 14: Old Diamond
Chapter 15: The Mews
Chapter 16: Diamond Makes a Beginning
Chapter 17: Diamond Goes On
Chapter 18: The Drunken Cabman
Chapter 19: Diamond's Friends
Chapter 20: Diamond Learns to Read
Chapter 21: Sal's Nanny
Chapter 22: Mr. Raymond's Riddle
Chapter 23: The Early Bird
Chapter 24: Another Early Bird
Chapter 25: Diamond's Dream
Chapter 26: Diamond Takes a Fare the Wrong Way Right
Chapter 27: The Children's Hospital
Chapter 28: Little Daylight
Chapter 29: Ruby
Chapter 30: Nanny's Dream
Chapter 31: The North Wind Doth Blow
Chapter 32: Diamond and Ruby
Chapter 33: The Prospect Brightens
Chapter 34: In the Country
Chapter 35: I Make Diamond's Acquaintance
Chapter 36: Diamond Questions North Wind
Chapter 37: Once More
Chapter 38: At the Back of the North Wind

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