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Alabama116C.M.Angels in shining order standWilliam Walker
An Address for All99C.M.I sing a song which doth belongWm. Walker
Antioch316C.M.Joy to the world, the Lord is comeHandle
Arlington285C.M.And must I be to judgment broughtDr. Arne
Avon290C.M.Oh! thou, whose tender mercy hears
Azmon181C.M.Plung'd in a gulf of dark despairGlaser
Babel's Streams52C.M.By Babel's streams we sat and wept
Ballerma267C.M.If God is mine, then present things
China276bC.M.Why do we mourn departing friends?Swan
Christian Soldier [1]45C.M.Am I a soldier of the crossF. Price
Columbus55C.M.O, once I had a glorious view
Condescension312C.M.How condescending and how kind
Consolation17bC.M.Once more, my soul, the rising dayDean
Coronation299C.M.All hail the power of Jesus' nameHolden
Detroit40C.M.Do not I love thee, O my Lord?Bradshaw
Dove of Peace89C.M.O tell me where the Dove has flownWm. Houser
Dublin13C.M.Lord, what is man, poor feeble man
Dudley250C.M.When I can read my title clearWm. Walker
Dunlap's Creek276C.M.My God, my portion, and my loveF. Lewis
Edom177C.M.With songs and honours sounding loud
Fairfield48bC.M.Come, humble sinner, in whose breast
Fiducia92C.M.Father, I long, I faint to seeRobison
Georgia72C.M.Return, O God of love, return
Gospel Trumpet271C.M.Let ev'ry mortal ear attend
Hallelujah [1]107C.M.And let this feeble body failWm. Walker
Hanover4bC.M.Come, humble sinner, in whose breast
Happiness40bC.M.No more beneath th' oppressive hand
Hicks' Farewell19C.M.The time is swiftly rolling onWm. Walker
Jordan's Shore318C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standJ. T. White
Joy to the World281bC.M.Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Leander128C.M.My soul forsakes her vain delightAustin
Liberty68C.M.No more beneath th' oppressive hand
Liverpool1C.M.Young people all, attention giveM. C. H. Davis
Long Sought Home302C.M.Jerusalem, my happy homeWilham Bobo
Mear24bC.M.Will God for ever cast us off?
Messiah97C.M.He comes! he comes! to judge the worldCarreil
Milledgeville300C.M.Oh! for a closer walk with GodRev. A. Grambling
Minister's Farewell14C.M.Dear friends, farewell, I do you tell
Missionary's Adieu290bC.M.My dearest, lovely, native land
Montgomery170C.M.Early, my God, without delayJustin Morgan
Never Part Again198C.M.Jerusalem, my happy home
New Britain8C.M.Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
New Orleans76C.M.Why do we mourn departing friends?Boyd
New Topia163C.M.Young people all, attention giveMunday
Ninety-Fifth27bC.M.When I can read my title clearColton
Northfield283C.M.How long, dear Jesus, oh! how longIngalls
Ortonville10bC.M.Am I a soldier of the cross
Pardoning Love268C.M.In evil long I took delightWm. Walker
Paxton281bC.M.Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Peterborough183C.M.Approach, my soul, the mercy seat
Pisgah80C.M.Jesus, thou art all the sinner's friendLowry
Pleasant Hill66C.M.Religion is the chief concern
Plenary262C.M.Hark! from the tombs a doleful soundA. Clark
Primrose3C.M.Salvation! O the joyful sound!Chapin
Remember Me324C.M.Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?L. J. Jones
Repentance161C.M.O, if my soul was form'd for wo
Resignation38C.M.My Shepherd will supply my need
Rochester279C.M.There is a land of pure delight
Rockingham [2]300bC.M.Come, happy souls, approach your GodChapin
Salem [1]12C.M.How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
Salvation84C.M.Come, humble sinner, in whose breastBoyd
Sardina126C.M.How did his flowing tears condole
Separation30C.M.Our cheerful voices let us raise
Soda331bC.M.When all thy mercies, O, my GodP. M. Atchley
Solitude New173bC.M.My refuge is the God of love
Something New254C.M.Since man by sin has lost his God
Sprague284bC.M.Give me the wings of faith, to riseJ. Smith
Suffield31bC.M.Teach me the measure of my days
Sweet Prospect137C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standWm. Walker
Sweet Rivers166C.M.Sweet rivers of redeeming loveMore
Tender Care331bC.M.When all thy mercies, O, my GodP. M. Atchley
Tennessee28C.M.Afflictions, though they seem severe
The Heavenly March253C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standWm. Walker
The Penitent's Prayer290C.M.Oh! thou, whose tender mercy hears
The Promised Land51C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standMiss M. Durham
The Trumpeters301C.M.Hark! listen to the trumpetersRev. Mr. McCloud, Wm. Walker
This World is Not My Home293bC.M.When I can read my title clear to mansions in the skiesRev. Mr. Gamewell
Tribulation119C.M.Death, 'tis a melancholy dayChapin
Warwick291bC.M.Lord, in the morning thou shalt hearJ. Stanley
Wesley114C.M.With inward pain my heart-strings soundMore
Winter293C.M.His hoary frost, his fleecy snowReed
Woodstock271C.M.Let ev'ry mortal ear attend
Woodland110C.M. or 8, 6, 8, 8, 6This world's not all a fleeting show
Cross of Christ35C.M.D.The cross of Christ inspires my heartL. P. Breedlove
Derrick199C.M.D.Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes
The Converted Thief9C.M.D.As on the cross the Saviour hungMore


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