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Land of Pleasure637, 8There is a land of pleasureDavison & Walker
Leander128C.M.My soul forsakes her vain delightAustin
Legacy738, 9, 10When in death I shall calm recline
Lena1498, 7See the Lord of glory dying
Lenox77P.M.Blow ye the trumpet, blowEdson
Liberty68C.M.No more beneath th' oppressive hand
Lindan168bL.M.Lord, when my thoughts delighted rove
Lisbon154bS.M.Welcome, sweet day of restRead
Liverpool1C.M.Young people all, attention giveM. C. H. Davis
Long Sought Home302C.M.Jerusalem, my happy homeWilham Bobo
Long Time Ago313b8s & 4sJesus died on Calvary's mountain
Louisiana628, 7Come, little children, now we mayWm. Walker
Luther159S.M.My soul, be on thy guardHastings


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