Abbreviation to The Life of St. Teresa

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The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus

Principal Abbreviations

A.V. -- Authorized Version of the Bible (1611).

D.V. -- Douai Version of the Bible (1609).

Letters. -- Letters of St. Teresa. Unless otherwise stated, the numbering of the Letters follows Vols. VII-IX of P. Silverio. Letters (St.) indicates the translation of the Benedictines of Stanbrook (London, 1919-24. 4 vols.).

Lewis. -- The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus, etc. Translated by David Lewis. 5th ed., with notes and introductions by the Very Rev. Benedict Zimmerman, O.C.D., London, 1916.

P. Silverio. -- Obras de Santa Teresa de Jesús. Editadas y anotadas por el P. Silverio de Santa Teresa, C.D., Burgos, 1915 -- 24. 9 vols.

Ribera. -- Francisco de Ribera: Vida de Santa Teresa de Jesús. Nueva ed. aumentada, con introducción, etc., por el P. Jaime Pons. Barcelona, 1908.

S.S.M.-E. Allison Peers: Studies of the Spanish Mystics. London, 1927-30. 2 vols.

St. John of the Cross -- The Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church. Translated from the critical edition of P. Silverio de Santa Teresa, C.D., and edited by E. Allison Peers. London, 1934-5. 3 vols.

Yepes. -- Diego de Yepes: Vida de Santa Teresa. Madrid, 1615.

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