In chapter 19:13, Amasa succeeds Joab as head of the army. Because of this, Joab was very jealous and murdered Amasa to regain his position as head of David's armies. After using a woman to suppress the revolt of Sheba, Joab is again over all the host of Israel. In this chapter David also pardons Shimei.

In verses 24-30 Ziba and Mephibosheth are reconciled. And finally, in verses 31-34, Barzillai is rewarded. He had met David's company with help in their hour of need. No doubt this act of kindness cost him friends, but he was rewarded when the king came back. Barzillai did not want to leave his home and his loved ones, so he suggested that David give Chimham the blessing. Jeremiah 41:17 indicates that David gave Chimham the land near Bethlehem and he and his family lived there many years.

Chapter 21 records a three-year famine in the land, which can be traced back to Saul's murder of the Gibeonites who were under a covenant protection in the Lord's name. God is avenging the violated covenant, just as He will always avenge His Word and His promise, no matter what the case may be.

This entire episode of David's rejection and return illustrates the attitudes of men toward Christ. There are a loyal few who stand by their absent King; however, there are many who are selfish and prefer to rebel. What is your position? Are you a rebel against Christ and His cause, or are you a faithful servant of our soon-coming King? May God grant us the grace to be faithful in our service for Him.

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