Chapter 22 records David's song of deliverance. Psalm 18 is a parallel to this chapter. We see that chapter 22 is prophetic and looks beyond the sufferings and triumphs of David to David's seed, the Lord Jesus Christ. Verses 1-4 show praise; verses 5-7 show David's suffering as a fugitive from Saul, and also speaks of Christ's rejection; verses 8-20 speak of God's intervention; and verses 21-28 show the rewards of the Lord. Finally, praise to the Lord for exaltation over his foes is given in verses 29-51. We must understand the judgment of enemies (verses 29-43) and exaltation over adversaries (verses 44-49) will be realized only by Him into whose hands is committed all judgment (John 5:22).

Chapter 23 records David's last words, as well as giving a roster of David's heroes. This chapter shows what David's mind was on at the close of his glorious but troubled life: the justice of his reign as king; his creation of the Psalms; his devotion to God's Word; and God's covenant with him of an eternal dynasty. Verses 3 and 4 picture the clear morning of the Kingdom Age.

All in all, David was a grand character. He did some things that were very wrong, but he was a remarkable man. He was completely devoted to God and the ways of God. In a world of idolatry, and in a nation that was continually falling away into idolatry, David stood like a rock for God. In every circumstance of life he went directly to God--in prayer, in thanks, or in praise. His two great accomplishments were the Kingdom and the Psalms.

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