Chapter 4 records the princes of Israel during Solomon's reign. Solomon's kingdom was the largest in Israel's history and God gave great wealth to Solomon. Also, verse 25 indicates that Israel and Judah dwelt in safety and prosperity.

In chapter 5 we see the preparation for building the Temple. David had begun the project (with God's approval), but God had made it clear that Solomon would do the actual work. David already had the plans and the costly materials, and before his death he encouraged Solomon in the work and assured him that God would faithfully help him.

The building of the Temple represented the cooperative efforts of many people, both Jews and Gentiles. The materials secured were the finest; great and costly stones that would endure, and precious metals were used that would give glory to the Temple. Reading about the materials to be used in the Temple reminds us of Paul's admonition in I Corinthians 3 concerning the local church. He said we should build the church with gold, silver, and precious stones, not with wood, hay, and stubble.

Solomon begins to build the Temple in chapter 6. Space will not permit us to go into details concerning the actual construction of the Temple, or the meaning of the various materials used in its construction; but it would be well for you to study the construction of the Temple. There are long and lasting meanings concerning every portion of it. Notice particularly in chapter 6:11-13 that God reminds Solomon that the important thing was obeying His Word, not building a great Temple.

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