In chapter 9 God appears to Solomon and reminds him that with his privileges came great responsibility. He promised to establish Solomon's throne and bless Israel if the people would follow Him in obedience; He also reminded Solomon that He would cut off the nation if they sinned. The nation did, once again, fall into sin and unbelief, and the prophecy recorded in chapter 9:6-9 came true. The beautiful and costly Temple was destroyed in 586 b.c., when the people were taken captives by the Babylonians.

In chapter 11 we see the deliberate apostasy of Solomon. It was almost unbelievable that the man who wrote Proverbs 5:20,21 and 6:20-24 would take wives and concubines from heathen nations. Polygamy had caused his father trouble, and to take wives from heathen nations was deliberate apostasy. Solomon's heart was definitely not right with God. He tried to serve God while loving the world. God wanted integrity of heart, which means a united heart single to the glory of God.

What a tragedy that the man who built the Temple to the one true God should begin to worship at heathen altars. In every case, when a Christian begins to love the world and the things of the world, he begins to draw away from God and God's plan for his life. There is nothing wrong with a Christian having material possessions, as long as those possessions do not become our gods.

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