These chapters record the decline of Israel. Six kings are listed, beginning with Nadab and ending with Ahab, and all of them were evil. Nadab maintained his father's wicked idolatry and he was slain by Baasha during one of the battles with the Philistines. Baasha reigned for 24 years and fulfilled the prophecy that all of Jeroboam's seed would be destroyed. Elah reigned for less than two years and was killed by Zimri, who led the nation for only one week; but during that time he killed the entire family of Baasha and fulfilled the prophecy of Jehu. Zimri committed suicide by perishing in the blaze that was set to the palace as Omri marched against him. Omri then ruled over Israel for twelve years and led the people into further sin. Upon his death Ahab came to the throne and, under his leadership, the tribes declined further into idolatry and wickedness.

The tragedy of sin is that our children and grandchildren pay for our mistakes. Many men will say, "All the harm I do is to myself." This is not true. "No man liveth unto himself." When we sin, we hurt the Lord; we hurt our families; we hurt our children, grandchildren, and descendants for years to come. David and Solomon were responsible for the wickedness of Jeroboam and Rehoboam.

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