Chapter 22 records Ahab's defeat and death; but his wicked son, Ahaziah, reigned in his place and the nation continued in its sin.

The Book of II Kings continues the history of the kingdoms to their captivities. It also includes the translation of Elijah and the ministry of Elisha.

The works of Elijah and Elisha have often been contrasted. Elijah was a fiery prophet who suddenly appeared in a dramatic fashion, while Elisha was a faithful pastor-prophet, who ministered in a personal way to his people. Elijah was a solitary servant, while Elisha enjoyed fellowship with people. Elijah was a prophet of judgment who sought to turn the nation back to God, while Elisha was a minister of grace who called out a remnant before the nation was destroyed.

Chapter 1 records the judgment of fire and chapter 2 the chariot of fire. We see again that it always pays to be faithful to the calling God has given us. Elisha did receive the double portion he requested from Elijah. He took Elijah's mantle and trusted God for the power he would need to continue Elijah's work. It was one thing to cross Jordan with Elijah, but quite another to step out on faith by himself. Yet, when a man trusts the Lord God of Elijah, he does not need Elijah too. Elisha did trust the Lord and his ministry was richly blessed.

Both Elijah and Elisha allowed God to use them and they trusted in His Word. When we trust in the Word of God our lives become profitable for Him. Each of us should be found faithful in following God's will for our lives. He wants to bless us; He wants to use us; but He cannot unless we are willing to submit ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us.

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