Chapters 6--8 record additional miracles in the ministry of Elisha. Some were done privately for God's people and some were done publicly for the nation. In each case we clearly see that Elisha was never at a loss to know God's will, or exercise God's power. What a great testimony for the Christian today who is constantly alert to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. I sincerely believe God wants all His children to have that wholesome relationship with Him. Too often we are guilty of depending on the flesh, but God wants us to be led by His Holy Spirit, ever ready to witness for Him.

In chapter 6 Elisha restores the axe-head, captures the Syrian invaders, and delivers the city from the Syrian army. Note in chapter 7:9 that when the imprisoned citizens of Samaria heard the good news, they rushed out and trampled the unbelieving lord under foot. He had heard the good news, and he saw the proof of the message, but he died before he could enjoy it. What a warning to the sinner who delays receiving Christ. Christ stands at the heart's door, waiting to be invited in. The devil would want you to believe there is no urgency in receiving Christ, but don't be guilty of putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. There are many people who planned to be saved in the eleventh hour, but died at 10:30!

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