In the final chapters of II Kings we see that God keeps His Word according to His promise, as He brings terrible wrath upon His people in the kingdom of Judah. God had called His people out from among the world to worship Him in spirit and truth. The people had violently opposed God, turning away from Him to the gods of the heathen nations. Therefore, God pours out His anger and wrath upon them.

These chapters record the people being deported from their land and the city of Jerusalem being destroyed. The Book of Lamentations records Jeremiah's graphic description of the destruction of Jerusalem. One of the Babylonian officers gathered together the nobles that were left and had them slain. All that remained in the land were the poorest people. Nebuchadnezzar set up a system of governors over the land, making Gedaliah the first governor. Gedaliah established a reasonable amount of safety, peace, and security for those who were left behind; but he was murdered and many of the Jews fled to Egypt for safety. Everything God had given them was taken from them. They had no king on David's throne, nor do they have one today. They had no Temple, for it had been burned and its sacred vessels confiscated. Their land was taken from them and they were scattered among the nations. They lost everything, including their national character, until 1948.

The tragic results of sin can be seen in these chapters. God will not tolerate sin--not in the nation of Israel and not in the lives of individuals. Neither will He tolerate sin in our nation. As Christians, our lives should demonstrate the love of Christ within us. We should witness to all those about us and try to draw our nation back to God. The hope of America lies within the hands of Christians who are willing to give of themselves to rally this nation back to God.

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