The Books of I and II Chronicles tell the same story told in Genesis through II Kings, and end at the same point. They are a rehearsing of all that has gone on before, with special attention to the reign of David, Solomon, and other kings of Judah. I Chronicles is much like II Samuel, dealing with the story of David, with the first nine chapters dealing with genealogies. These genealogies cover the period from Adam to the return of the Jews from captivity.

The author of I Chronicles could very likely have been Ezra, even though we do not know this for certain. The Books of Kings differ from the Books of Chronicles in that Kings gives a parallel account of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, while Chronicles confines itself to the Southern Kingdom. Chronicles seems to be primarily concerned with the Kingdom of David.

Repetition is very prevalent in I Chronicles, but in God's Holy Word, repetition means importance. We should not neglect this part of God's Word. Even though we might feel the Books of Kings and Chronicles are rather dry reading, they contain the story of God's dealing with His people. We will find in them some of the finest jewels of Scripture.

Don't let Satan rob you of the blessings of these books. Read them carefully and be open to God's Holy Spirit, that He might teach you through these chapters.

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