In chapter 23 Jeremiah boldly indicts the leaders of God's people as false leaders. These false prophets were the greatest hindrance to the acceptance of Jeremiah's preaching. You will notice that their preaching is contrary and exactly opposite that of Jeremiah.

Chapter 24 records Jeremiah's message on the two baskets of figs. The good figs represented the best of the people, who had been carried to Babylon in Jehoiachin's captivity (597 b.c.) and earlier, including Ezekiel and Daniel. The bad figs were those who had remained in Jerusalem to resist Babylon (II Kings 24:10-20).

Chapter 25 is a prediction of the 70 years of captivity that were to come. This was the early part of Jehoiakim's reign, about 604 b.c. The remarkable thing is that the exact duration of Babylon's sway is foretold (verses 11-14). See also II Chronicles 36:21 and Daniel 9:2. This was an amazing prophecy. There was no possible way for Jeremiah to know, except by divine revelation from God.

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