Chapters 30 and 31 contain a song of restoration. Jeremiah's dark warnings of judgment were relieved by a prophecy of the glorious future of the nation. This great regathering will be preceded by the Great Tribulation, which is often called the Time of Jacob's Trouble.

The return of Christ as King will establish the Kingdom after the sinful people have been purged. They will be restored as the Lord's people. The new covenant and the everlasting nation is shown in chapter 31:27-40. This restoration of the Lord's blessings is based upon the new covenant (verses 31-34). The old covenant was the law covenant, grounded in legal observance. The new covenant (Hebrews 8:8-12) will be entirely on the basis of grace and the sacrificed blood of Christ, which will be the foundation of Israel's future inward regeneration and restoration to God's favor.

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