Chapter 32:1-25 records Jeremiah's strong faith in the restoration. It was the year before Jerusalem fell. The burning of the city and desolation of Judah was almost at hand. Amid the gloom and despair of the hour, Jeremiah was commanded of God to purchase land in Anathoth. It was to be purchased in public ceremony, and the deed was to be put away for safe keeping. This would emphasize Jeremiah's prediction that the captives would return, and the land would again be cultivated.

In verses 26-44 the fate of the doomed city was announced, and the future final regathering, of which the restoration from Babylon was a foreshadowing, was declared.

Chapter 33 repeats the testimony of the blessings that will come to the children of Israel. In spite of all the people had to do, and no matter how deep their problems might have been the promise is given that the Lord will never cast off Jacob nor his servant, David. For all intents and purposes, and from the world's viewpoint, the nation of Israel went down doomed and destroyed. But God, in His infinite mercy, restored them to their land because He loved them.

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