A year and two months after his call, Ezekiel was transported, in rapture, to Jerusalem, where God showed him the abhorrent idolatries being practiced in the Temple. Thus, in spite of warning after warning, and punishment after punishment, the once powerful kingdom of Judah, reduced now almost to the point of extinction, was still sinking lower and lower in the depths of idolatrous infamy. After Ezekiel's mission to Jerusalem was ended, he was borne, on the cherub chariot, back to his exile home, where he reported to the elders.

In chapter 9 we see that the glory had moved from the throne above the threshold of the Temple. The throne would now become a throne of judgment. We also see God's servant putting a mark of protection on the faithful remnant of believers, lest they be slain in the judgment to come.

In chapter 10:18 the glory moved from the hovering over the threshold with the cherubim, to the eastern gate of the Temple and, in chapter 11:22,23 the glory moved out of the Temple to the top of the Mount of Olives. The glory of the Temple was removed because God could not share His glory with another. The idols and sins of the people had driven Him away. Their sins had not been hidden from God. He had seen them and judged them.

So it is today! God will remove His blessings and glory from our lives, unless we faithfully serve Him, with a pure and honest heart. It is impossible for Christians to be used of God when they have sin in their lives. God will not place His hand of approval upon those who have unconfessed sin in their lives. Do you want to be used of God? Then you must turn away from sin, repent, and allow God to cleanse you anew. God will only use you when you are a vessel, clean and meet for the Master's use.

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