It is very likely that Paul was at Colosse visiting Philemon when he wrote this first letter to young Timothy. The letter is one of encouragement to Timothy. He was facing many difficult problems in the church. Evidently Timothy wanted to resign, and Paul's first encouragement was for him to stay and finish the task. Almost every Christian worker I know today, at one time or another, has been tempted by the devil to quit. It is always, without exception, too soon to quit. When troubles, trials, and tribulations fall upon you and the devil seems to have the upper hand, remember that God never wants you to quit. He wants you to keep on pressing toward the goal He has set before you, and He has promised to give you help and strength to accomplish that goal. Paul gives that same encouragement to Timothy throughout this first epistle to him.

In chapters 2 and 3 Paul discusses the public ministry of the church and the different roles of church members. In chapter 2 the emphasis is placed on prayer. In verses 1-8 Paul tells Timothy the importance of prayer in the local church. He explains that prayer is a vital part of any local church. The strength of a local church is in direct proportion to its constant communion with God through prayer. Paul exhorts us to pray.

In chapter 3 Paul writes to Timothy concerning the New Testament pastor, listing his personal qualifications (verses 2,3); family qualifications (verses 4,5); and church qualifications (verses 6,7). Then, in verses 8-13, we find the standards for the New Testament deacons. If our churches today would follow these simple instructions, they would do away with many of the problems facing them. We all too often attempt to run things our own way, without the leadership of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, our plans are doomed because, without the leadership of the Holy Spirit, nothing of lasting Value can be accomplished--either individually or on a church basis. It is time our churches came back to God and the leading of His Holy Spirit so that He can do the work He so greatly desires to do through Christians.

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