Titus was a Greek believer (Galatians 2:3) who was won to Christ through Paul's ministry (Titus 1:4). We know very little about his background. He is not once mentioned in Acts. It is very likely that he was a convert from heathenism who attached hmself to Paul and assisted in taking the offering for the saints (II Corinthians 12:18). Titus met Paul at Troas with the report of the Corinthian situation. Titus carried the second letter to the Corinthians back for Paul. He was Paul's helper, left at Crete to reorganize the church until Paul could send Tychicus or Artemas to take over (Titus 3:12). Titus was with Paul at Rome in his second imprisonment. From there he travelled to Dalmatia on a mission for the apostle (II Timothy 4:10). Paul's estimate of Titus is given in II Corinthians 8:23.

Several words are repeated in this brief letter that help us understand the burden on Paul's heart. Good works is a major emphasis in this book. "Saved by grace" means saved unto good works, not by works. Christian doctrine and Christian living are to be sound. There ought to be a life of godliness, not worldliness. God's grace leads a person to live a godly life. The key verse for this book is probably chapter 3:8: "...they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works." As we read this book, I trust we can grasp what Paul is saying. He gives instructions to Titus, as well as to Christians today, as to how we should live. He also emphasizes a message to pastors in chapters 2 and 3. It is important that a pastor have a balanced ministry, teaching and exhorting the saints, as well as refuting the enemies of the truth. We, as pastors, should not get involved in every "dog fight" that comes along. We should be careful to preach the Word of God in simplicity and truth, and allow God's Holy Spirit to take care of the rest. I do not mean that we should compromise the truth, but that we should not be involved in every petty argument that comes along. Do not major on minors. Satan will bring minors to the forefront in most churches and cause dissension and misunderstanding, when the major portion of the pastor's job is prayer, preaching the Word, and handling every situation according to the Word of God.

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