The Apostle Peter was the author of the Books of I and II Peter. Peter was continuing to fulfill the commandment of Christ to feed His sheep. The Book of I Peter was written to the saints in Asia Minor, and if we were to make an in-depth study we would see that I Peter and Ephesians parallel in teaching and in wording. It is as though the Spirit is telling us that Peter and Paul agree on the spiritual truths.

The major theme of I Peter is grace, and the word "grace" is used in every chapter. Peter is striving to testify from experience of the all-sufficiency of God's grace. Peter's instructions to the believers describe the type lives that should be lived by them. A believer should live in hope. A person who is born-again has a living hope within him. The unsaved person is without hope. Because Christ is a living Saviour, He is our hope and our soon-coming King. This hope is not only a living hope, but a lasting hope. Too many times the devil is able to deceive a believer and dampen the fire of hope within his spirit. We lose sight of the fact that God's promises are eternal. He will never leave us nor forsake us, and when we are born-again, He seals us unto that day of redemption when He shall come for His own. Peter also tells us in chapter 1 that Christians should live in holiness and harmony.

The key thought in chapter 2 is submission. Throughout this chapter and chapter 3 Peter gives the areas n which Christians should be in submission. One of our earthly responsibilities is to be in submission to the ordinances and laws of our land. The servant should be in submission to his master; there should be submission in the home; there should be submission under suffering. Peter also tells us that our entire lives should be in submission, or subjection, to Christ.

Chapters 4 and 5 deal with God's grace in suffering. Peter seems to be reemphasizing the fact that there will be sufferings for the Christians, but God's grace is sufficient and adequate for them throughout any situation, and Peter wants them to know for sure that God will sustain them.

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