Chapters 8 and 9 record the consecration of Aaron and his sons to the Priesthood. Prior to Moses' time, sacrifices were offered by heads of families. But the nation was now organized, a place set apart for sacrifice created, and a special group of men designated for the service. Aaron and his firstborn son, in succession, were High Priests. The Priesthood was maintained by the tithes of the Levites and parts of some sacrifices. The Levitical Priesthood was divinely ordained as mediator between God and the Hebrew nation in the ministry of animal sacrifices. Those sacrifices were fulfilled in Christ. Animal sacrifices are no longer necessary; neither are Priests. Christ Himself is the Great High Priest for man, the only Mediator between God and man (see Hebrews 8--10).

Verses 31-36 of chapter 8 cover the sacrificial feast. The eating of the sacrifices and the bread, so frequently seen in the Levitical ritual, illustrates the necessity of believers feeding on the Word of God (see John 6:50-55).

It is God's plan that His children feed upon His Word daily, in order that we might grow to spiritual maturity. We should read and meditate upon the Word of God daily; letting it become a part of our very being, living within us, bursting forth and giving joy and comfort to those with whom we come in contact. There is no substitute for Christ in the redemption of man. There is no substitute for the Word of God in the growth of a Christian.

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