Today we begin our reading of the fifth book of the Bible, and the fifth book of Moses, called "Deuteronomy." This book does not contain a new law, replacing the law already given. Rather, it is a second stating of the law.

There are several reasons why Moses restated the law. One was that there was now a new generation. The old generation, except for Caleb and Joshua, had perished in the wilderness, and the new generation needed to hear the law again. It was important that they know God's Word afresh, because some of these people were twenty years of age and under when the nation fell under Kadesh-Barnea. Up to this time they had been unsettled; but now they were about to enter the Promised Land and become a settled nation. The best way for them to prepare for the future was by understanding the past. Those who could not remember the past may very likely be guilty of the same failures as their forefathers.

The nation was also on the threshold of having a new leader. Moses was going to die, and Joshua was to take over the leadership. Moses knew that the success of the nation depended upon its obedience to God, and if the people understood the Word of God and truly loved the Lord, they would follow Joshua and win the victory. Moses also warns them of new temptations and gives them the way of success.

In a spiritual sense, many Christians stand with Israel in Deuteronomy 1:1-3. They are redeemed from Egypt, but they have not yet entered into their spiritual inheritance. They stand "on this side Jordan," instead of in the Promised Land of blessing. They need to hear God's Word again, step out by faith, and claim the complete inheritance which is in Christ.

It was not until I read, "The Normal Christian Life," by Watchman Nee, that I fully realized what God had given me as a Christian. God used that book to help me realize we should reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive through Christ. It is His Spirit living within us that gives us new life. With His Spirit completely controlling us, we have fullness of joy as Christians in this earthly walk.

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