The last ten verses of chapter 9 record the shame and sin of Noah and Ham. Noah was more than 600 years old. He had been an obedient servant of God for many years, yet he fell into sin and shame. And, to make matters worse, Ham did not respect his father, but told his brothers what his father had done. As a result, Noah pronounced a curse on his descendants.

Two important lessons are to be learned from these verses. First, no matter how long you have been a follower of Christ, you must guard against sin. Satan, as a roaring lion, is walking about, seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8). His desire is to destroy the testimony of the Christian. Second, God does not excuse the sins of the saints. God will not allow sin to go unjudged. Because of the sin of Ham, judgment fell upon all of Canaan. They were made the lowest of servants to their brethren.

their brethren.

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