In today's reading we see that Abraham did leave Egypt and God forgave him and restored him to fellowship. But God could not overrule the sad consequences of the trip to Egypt. There was a loss of time and testimony. Sarah's maid, Hagar, came from Egypt, and brought untold trouble to the family. Lot had developed a taste for Egypt. Though Abraham took Lot out of Egypt, he could not take Egypt out of Lot! How tragic when a mature believer leads a younger Christian astray!

Are you a mature believer who is guilty of leading others astray? Many Christians are careless in their daily living. There is an old saying that our actions speak louder than our words. Be assured that the world is always watching the Christian! God forbid that we should ever be guilty of bringing reproach upon our Lord and Saviour. As Christians, we should carefully guard our testimony. We are God's children, the Holy Spirit lives within us, and our every action should be controlled by Him. Let's not be guilty of leading others astray by our careless living.

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