As Israel followed the leading of the Lord, they entered into different experiences and trials; and these experiences helped them to understand themselves better, as well as to understand the power and grace of God. There are three such experiences recorded in chapters 17 and 18.

In verses 1-7 of chapter 17 we read of the water coming forth from the rock. When Moses, through faith, smote the rock as he had been instructed to do, water came forth to quench the thirst of the murmuring Jews. The Jews criticized Moses and murmured against God, and Moses turned to God in this hour of trial. When Moses carried out God's instructions, the needs of the people were met.

In our daily trials and tribulations, God will meet our needs if we are willing to go to Him, seek His guidance, and follow His divine instructions. Too many Christians today are spiritual pygmies. They never feed upon the Word of God, and it is, therefore, impossible for them to be equipped to face the world and all its problems.

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