Chapter 23 covers the false witness and the Sabbath in Israel. Moses also names the three important feast days: (1) The Passover, which is the remembrance of the death of Christ; (2) Pentecost, the coming of the Spirit; and (3) The Tabernacle, the joy of the Kingdom.

We see the ratification of the covenant in chapter 24. The people agreed to obey the Law, not realizing it was impossible for them to do so in their own strength. Notice in verses 3 and 7 that the people are saying, "We will do," but they later discovered it was hard to perform that which they had promised.

It is impossible for man to serve God successfully in the flesh. He must be led by the Spirit and must have the power of the Holy Spirit upon him in order to do the things that are pleasing to God.

Chapter 25 begins the description of the Tabernacle. In verses 1-9 God gives instructions concerning the offerings from the people for the materials to construct the Tabernacle. In verses 10-22 Moses is given the dimensions of the Ark. The Ark is a picture of Christ, the wood speaking of His humanity and the gold of His deity. A full description of the Ark can be found in these verses.

Verses 23-30 speak of the Table of Shewbread. This table held the special bread, which pictures Christ, the Bread of Life. The remainder of the chapter covers the golden candlestick, which again emphasizes the deity of Christ, the Light of the world. The oil speaks of the Holy Spirit and the seven branches typify the perfections of Christ.

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