God has always dealt with sin through the shedding of blood. The Tabernacle was God's remedy for the nation of Israel. They had sinned and the Tabernacle was their way back to God. We must keep in mind that neither Israel nor any other nation in the Old or New Testament was saved by bringing a sacrifice. The bringing of sacrifices was but an evidence of faith in God's Holy Word, for it is by faith that we are saved, and not by works.

In today's reading Moses is gathering together all the congregations of the children of Israel and giving them the words of the Lord. God began with a reminder about the Sabbath Law, and then He asked the people for an offering. You may note in these chapters that every little detail of the Tabernacle is mentioned, even the pins and the cords. Nothing is too trivial for the Lord to see and know. Matthew 10:30 tells us that even the hairs of our head are numbered. Everything that is done is important to the Lord, and He does everything in full detail.

In verses 4-19 of chapter 35 Moses calls for materials, and the people depart to bring their offerings to Moses. They brought their wealth and abundance, "much more than enough," as we see in chapter 36:5. The gifts were so generous that Moses had to stop the people from bringing them. Two men, Bezaleel and Aholiab, were called of God to give of their labors. God empowered them, by His Spirit, to do the job He had called them to do. What a lesson for us today! God truly has a work for each of us, and we should remember that whatever God demands, He will supply. I want to repeat that statement, because it is so true and applies to any work that God requires of us. WHATEVER HE DEMANDS, HE WILL SUPPLY. It is also very interesting to note that Bezaleel was from Judah, the first tribe, and Aholiab was from Dan, the last tribe. God not only picked the first, but the last.

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