In today's reading we complete the Book of Exodus. We again see in chapter 40 that the Tabernacle was built according to God's directions, in perfect obedience. Every detail is mentioned in the construction and furnishing of the Tabernacle. The pattern for the Tabernacle was given by the Lord, and it was followed explicitly by the two Spirit-directed men God had chosen to direct its construction and furnishing.

Today, God wants our tabernacle (our bodies) to be holy, filled with His Spirit. Our bodies are similar to the Old Testament Tabernacle in that they have three parts: The spirit, which is the holy of holies; the soul, which is the holy place; and the body, which is the outer court. God begins with the inner parts and works His way out, as we yield our spirit to Him and His leadership. When we receive Christ as our personal Saviour, we are sealed unto the day of redemption. Old things are passed away; behold all things are become new. Our desires change from worldly lusts to things of the Lord; and, as we daily submit ourselves unto His leadership, we become Christ-like and usable in God's service.

The Book of Exodus began with a mob of miserable slaves in Egypt, but ends with a nation in fellowship with God and on its way to Canaan. This is truly a book of redemption!

Of necessity, our comments have been brief on the Tabernacle and its furnishings. Every piece of the Tabernacle had a special significance. In order to understand the relationship of the Tabernacle as a whole to the Jewish people in their relationship to God, I would suggest that you read Dr. M.R. DeHaan's book titled, The Tabernacle.

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