Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible, containing 176 verses. Each verse, with the exception of verses 90, 121, 122, and 132, mentions the Word of God under one of these names--Law, Testimony, Judgments, Statutes, Commandments, Precepts, Word, Ordinances, or Ways. This Psalm is known as an acrostic, or alphabetic Psalm. It has 22 stanzas, and in most editions of the Bible its 22 sections are headed by the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Jews wrote in this fashion to make memorization easier for them. The writer is unknown, but refers to himself some 325 times. He was suffering for His love of God's law (verses 22, 50-53, 95, 98, and 115), yet was determined to obey the Word, regardless of the cost.

The number eight is stamped all over this Psalm. Each section has eight verses; there are special names for God's Word listed; there are eight symbols of God's Word given. The word "eight" in Hebrew literally means "abundance, more than enough." It is as though the writer of this great Psalm is saying, "God's Word is enough! If you have the Bible that is all you need." The Bible points us to Christ. He is the living Word, about whom the writer speaks.

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