Chapter 15 begins the second cycle of speeches between Job and his "friends." Eliphaz's second speech is recorded here and the controversy between him and Job becomes more heated. He assumes Job is guilty and stands self-condemned. In the latter verses of the chapter Eliphaz describes the wicked and their end.

Chapters 16 and 17 record Job's reply to Eliphaz. In chapter 16:2 he refers to his friends as "miserable comforters." He tells them that God has afflicted him; that trouble upon trouble has overwhelmed him; and wonders how they would react if they were in his place!

Have you ever felt really low and rather than receiving comfort and encouragement from a friend, he said things that seemed to draw you down even further? This was what was happening in Job's life. His friends did not understand his despair and troubles. They did not understand that the Lord was allowing these things to happen to Job, even though Job was a just man.

Many times, when we see things happening in a person's life, as Christians we jump to the conclusion that there is sin in that person's life. This is not always true. We should be very careful and not make the same mistakes Job's friends made. During such a time as Job was going through, he needed the prayers and understanding of his friends, not their criticism.

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