Psalm 68 is a battle march of God's victorious armies. This Psalm was a favorite of the crusaders as they went out to battle.

Psalm 69 is a Psalm of suffering. It is similar to Psalm 22 and in it we have a glimpse of the suffering Messiah.

Psalm 70 is an urgent cry for help. It is similar to the latter part of Psalm 40. God never failed David. Because of God's faithfulness, David could have joy in time of persecution. Christians today can also have joy in time of persecution. If we are doing anything for the Lord--if our church is making a mark for God--then we are going to have persecution. There will be "woodpeckers" pecking on the outside, and "termites" gnawing on the inside of our church. Persecutions will come! But thanks be to God, He will intercede for us if we will stand true to His Word and continue winning souls. Too many Christians and churches today falter and fail in times of persecution.

I have often said that a man's greatness is not determined by his wealth or by his talent, but by what it takes to discourage him. What does it take to discourage you? When the first sounds of conflict and trouble come, do you crawl into a shell and become discouraged, and think God has abandoned you? This is simply Satan's way of getting you to be a "do nothing" for Christ. We should face discouragement with the realization that with God we are a majority, and that together we can win the battle!

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