In chapter 12 the conquests of Transjordan are reviewed (verses 1-6), as well as the conquests in Canaan, with the roster of the kings who were conquered listed in verses 7-24.

In chapter 13 Joshua is instructed by the Lord to apportion the land they now possess, and is also told by the Lord that "there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." The unpossessed land is outlined in verses 2-7.

In chapter 14 Joshua is giving each tribe its special inheritance, and Caleb comes to claim his share. He reminds Joshua of God's promise, for it is only on the basis of God's Word that we can claim our blessings. Note the glorious testimony of strength Caleb gives in verses 10 and 11. It has been 45 years since the nation's failure at Kadesh-Barnea, and Caleb is now 85 years old; yet he is anxious to claim his inheritance to the glory of God. God had promised him the inheritance, and Caleb had the faith to believe that what God promised He was able to perform.

Caleb was able to drive out the inhabitants of his inheritance, the very "giants" that the ten unbelieving spies had feared. Unbelief looks at the giants; faith looks to God. Unbelief depends on man's "common sense"; faith rests wholly on the Word of God. Caleb's dedication and faith saved his life, gained him an inheritance, overcame the enemy, and enabled him to enrich his own family for years to come.

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