Caleb was a man of spiritual vision as well as spiritual vitality; and these two qualities led to spiritual victory.

Caleb's nephew Othniel helped him in one of his conquests and gained Caleb's daughter for his wife. Othniel later became the first Judge of Israel and thus carried on the family leadership. It is wonderful when a man of faith can influence others and help them share in the inheritance.

Caleb's daughter illustrates a wonderful spiritual truth in chapter 15:18,19. After her marriage to Othniel, she returns to her father to ask for a further blessing! Caleb had given her a field, but she also wanted the springs of water to nourish the field. It is wonderful when the Christian continues to ask the Father for greater blessings, and it is especially wonderful when the believer desires the "spiritual springs" that water the fruitful life. The field that God gives us will never produce fruit, apart from the springs of water (John 7:37-39).

In our reading today, Joshua continues to apportion the land. Ephraim's portion is covered in chapter 16 and Manasseh's in chapter 17.

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