MARCH 26 In chapters 18--21 we see the transition between David's service in Saul's court and his exile as a fugitive. David's greatest test of faith was not when he faced Goliath, but when he had to serve daily in Saul's court. These chapters explain how he was moved from being Saul's favorite to Saul's foe. The main issue is David's faith and we can see how this man of God all but lost his confidence in God because of the trials that came to his life.

The love between David and Jonathan was beautifully silhouetted against the dark background of Saul's demonic jealousy and his base treachery toward David with regard to his daughters, Merah and Michal. However, Michal did become David's wife, in spite of the trap set for David in arranging the marriage. It is unfortunate that David married Michal, for the union was never a happy one. David lost her to another man while he was in exile, but gained her back when he started to reign at Hebron. However, he attitude toward David led to a complete separation later on.

Saul's plan to murder David is no longer a secret, for now the servants are commanded to slay him. Saul even tried to get Jonathan to kill him. Then the deranged king, in spite of his oath to Jonathan, was overwhelmed by his mania and tried to pin David to the wall with his javelin. Michal saved David's life and he fled to Samuel. This was perhaps the wisest move David made, for Samuel would be able to pray for him and counsel him. Note that Samuel defeated Saul, not with lies or weapons but with the Spirit of God! By using spiritual weapons Samuel delayed Saul and gave David opportunity to get away.

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