In chapter 24 we see that God gives David the grace he needed to show kindness to his enemy, and this is even greater than defeating the giant Goliath! Saul's men had been lying about David and telling Saul that David was trying to slay him. David had a wonderful opportunity to do just that in this chapter. In fact, some of David's men even insisted that God had arranged the circumstances. It is important that we always test circumstances by the Word of God. So tender was David's heart that he repented openly of his rash deed of cutting Saul's robe, for he had not shown proper respect for the Lord's anointed. David was willing for God to take care of Saul.

Following the temptation to kill his enemy, we see David's explanation to Saul in verses 8-15. How shocked Saul must have been to hear the voice of his son-in-law! David explained that he could easily have killed Saul while Saul was in the cave, but that, instead, he would let the Lord fight his battles for him. What a gracious spirit God had given David. Oh, that we might have that same attitude today towards our enemies.

Chapter 25 records Samuel's death. His obituary is brief but comprehensive and shows the great love of all Israel for this faithful man of God. This chapter also records David's marriage to Abigail, a wealthy, tactful, and gracious woman. David finally found refuge among the Philistines again, and was there until the death of Saul. David also takes Ahinoam as his wife in this chapter.

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