In reading Chronicles we must remember that we are covering basically the same thing we have studied in the Books of Samuel and Kings. Like the four Gospels of the New Testament, each book approaches Israel's history in a different way.

Chapter 9 gives us the original of Israel's and Judah's genealogies. In chapter 10 we observe Saul's overthrow and his death. The first 12 verses can be paralleled with I Samuel 31. The writer of Chronicles uses the downfall of Saul and his sons as a spring board to introduce the Lord's true king, David. Verses 13 and 14 of chapter 10 give us the reason for Saul's failure--his disobedience and unfaithfulness.

Chapter 11 gives us David's ascension as king. In verses 1- 9, as well as in II Samuel 5:1-3, we see David anointed king of Hebron. The list of all his warriors is given in verses 10-47, and can also be certified in II Samuel 23:8-39. We may note the additional names listed here in Chronicles, over and beyond the ones given in II Samuel.

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