The Ark of God rested in the House of Obed-Edom for three months. During that time, David prepared a place for the Ark of God and pitched a tent. David had learned a very pointed lesson regarding the Ark of God. He had learned that only the Levites were allowed of God to carry the Ark. This time they moved the Ark according to God's specific instructions. The former failure had taught them to do things "according to the Word of God." The Levites sanctified themselves and carried the Ark of God upon their shoulders with the staves as God had commanded.

This was a great time of praise and singing. A tremendous procession followed. And so the Ark was brought to Jerusalem and placed in the midst of the tent. Remember, the Ark was an Old Testament symbol of the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Christ is in the midst there is always divine blessing. This time of great rejoicing is only symbolic of the greater time of rejoicing when the King sits down upon the throne of David in Jerusalem and rules and reigns with His people for 1,000 years. Chapter 16 records a thanksgiving Psalm delivered by David. It is a Psalm that looks forward to the kingdom of heaven on earth, when all the nations acknowledge Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. That day is yet future, but the coming of the Lord is the blessed hope of the church.

After David had placed the Ark in the tent in Jerusalem, he became deeply concerned about the building of a permanent house for the Lord. Although David was not allowed to build that house, this was the beginning of the dream realized in the construction of Solomon's majestic Temple. The Davidic covenant is also recorded in chapter 17.

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