MAY 31

Job first answers his critics with a picture of despair. He did not know why he was suffering so bitterly. His family was dead. His wealth and influence were gone. He was suffering without relief. His enemies seemed to have the upper hand. Bildad had accused him of being a hypocrite. In chapter 9 Job acknowledges that he is a sinner, but he clearly denies that he is a hypocrite.

Job complains bitterly and wishes he had never been born. Zophar, who was generally a religious know-it-all, gives his first speech and, finally, Job grows sarcastic at the cutting words of his accusers. Job was a man of like character and passions as men today. Rather than seeing the situation as it really was, and turning it over to God, he began to complain. Rather than comforting Job, Zophar, who was supposedly Job's friend, accused him and told him to put away his iniquity. Zophar was the educated religionist who claimed to know all about Job's situation! His accusations did not comfort or help Job, but made him even more bitter, and led him into the sarcastic words recorded in chapter 12.

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