The events of chapters 12 and 13 apparently took place on one crucial day of the Lord's ministry. We see the rebellion against the King becoming more and more fierce. The Pharisees now argue with Christ concerning His disciples, and even accuse Him of being in league with Satan.

Chapter 12 is filled with conflict. In chapter 11 Christ offered a free invitation to "all ye that labour and are heavy laden"; however, in chapter 12:46-50, He is breaking all natural ties with the nation that has rebelled against His message and ministry, and now He speaks of a worldwide family of God--"whosoever will" may come.

In chapter 13:24-30 we are given the mystery of the tares among the wheat. As Jesus explains the symbols for us, we find that the man is Christ (verse 37); the seeds He plants are believers--"children of the kingdom" (verse 38); the field is the world (verse 38); the enemy is the devil (verse 39); the tares are the children of the devil (verse 38); the reapers are angels (verse 39); and the harvest is the end of the age (verse 39).

This parable differs from the parable of the sower. In that parable the seed represents the Word of God and the sower represents different kinds of hearts. The overall lesson to be learned by each of us is that Satan will always plant imitation Christians wherever true believers are found. Satan's desire is to hinder the growth of God's work everywhere. Every Christian must realize he is a seed, and he is to reproduce by winning others to Christ. Dr. B.R. Lakin used to say many times that for every true Christian, there is a counterfeit imitating him. The only difference between a counterfeit and a true Christian is that the Holy Spirit is living in the heart of that born- again Christian.

MEMORY VERSE FOR TODAY: Man now can be: Redeemed.

Ephesians 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.


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