The first part of chapter 19 records the conversion of Zacchaeus. His desire to see Jesus prompted him to run and climb a sycamore tree. Zacchaeus' extra effort to see the Saviour was well-rewarded.

Verse 6 is a message within itself. It tells us that Zacchaeus "made haste" and "came down" to see Jesus. This is still the need of sinners today. There is so much pride in the lives of people today that they find it hard to humble themselves and receive Christ. Men and women are being taught that they are self-sufficient, and that there is no need for God in their lives. The illustration of Zacchaeus shows us that we must humble ourselves before Christ in order to receive the forgiveness of sin. The last part of verse 6 tells us that Zacchaeus received Christ joyfully! What a joy it is when we receive Christ as our personal Saviour. I can remember the night I received Him. I had been attending church for many years, but was unsaved. That night, after a service during which I fell under conviction during the invitation, I was saved, and the joy that flooded my soul can never be explained.

Chapter 19:10 tells us why Christ came. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Verse 41 shows us His compassion. He had so much love for the city of Jerusalem that He wept over it. What a challenge to our own hearts and minds. Christians today need to have compassion for their lost loved ones. How many of you have wept over a lost loved one or a lost friend? How much time have you spent in prayer concerning the ones living around you who are lost and on their way to hell? We need to have real compassion, real love, for those about us who are on their way to destruction. When was the last time you shared your testimony with an unsaved person? Why not make a telephone call or a personal visit today and tell someone what the Lord means to you? You might be the source of bringing that person to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

MEMORY VERSE FOR TODAY: Man now can be: Justified.

Acts 13:39 And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

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