The Baha'i Faith is essentially rationalistic. "We must not

accept traditional dogmas that are contrary to reason, nor

pretend to believe doctrines which we cannot understand. To do so

is superstitious and not true religion." Because of this

inclination to reject any doctrine that does not seem reasonable

to them, Baha'is interpret allegorically, rather than literally,

the biblical doctrines of the Holy Trinity, the bodily

Resurrection of Christ, the existence of angels and evil spirits,

and the doctrines of heaven and hell. Yet, despite this

insistence that EVERYTHING must be understood in order to be

believed, they hold that God Himself is impersonal and

UNKNOWABLE. He can only be perceived indirectly through the

reflection of his Manifestations - Jesus being ONLY ONE of these

NINE, in no manner superior to the other eight.

Baha'is deny that man fell through Adam from his original

spiritual and moral state. They affirm that no one is

"essentially" bad or evil, but merely imperfect. Sins are

characteristics of the lower, baser plane of nature, and

education brings deliverance from them. Baha'u'llah taught that

men ought not to confess their sins to one another, for this

would lead to humiliation and abasement, which he taught, are

contrary to God's will.

Concerning salvation, Baha'u'llah said, "Whoso keepeth the

commandments of God shall attain everlasting felicity." And Abdul

Baha stated that there is no sin-atoning value in Christ's

sacrificial death on the cross. So inadequate was his concept of

redemption that Baha'u'llah was able to say of himself: "Fix your

gaze upon Him who is the Temple of God amongst men. He, in truth,

hath offered up his life as a ransom for the redemption of the


The Central conflict between Baha'u'llah's concept of

salvation and the biblical revelation on the subject is best

shown in BAHA'I WORLD FAITH where Baha'u'llah stated: "Every age

has its own problem, and every soul its particular aspiration.

The remedy the world needeth in its present day afflictions can

never be the same as that which a subsequent age may require." In

CONTRAST to this, the BIBLE teaches that the one universal

problem of man throughout the ages is sin, his state of moral

guilt and consequent alienation from God. Thus the one remedy -

the only POSSIBLE remedy for mankind's dilemma - is the death of

Jesus Christ for our sins, a sacrifice sufficient to save all who

turn to Him for all time as God tells us in Hebrews 10:10 to 18.

Because they fail to recognize that man fell from his

original position with God, Baha'is also fail to understand what

the prophet Jeremiah witnessed concerning the nature of man: "The

heart is more deceitful than all else and is incurably sick; who

can understand it?" As a result they believe that man is capable

of keeping the commandments of God, whereas the BIBLE

emphatically declares that he cannot in Romans 3:20 to 28 and

8:7. Not realizing that man's problems stem from his heart,

instead of the intellect, they think that education is the


SICKNESS, they have prescribed a faulty, ineffective cure.

It is somewhat ironic that the most fitting description of

Baha'u'llah's attempt to establish himself as savior and mediator

between man and God can be found in words framed by none other

than Baha'u'llah himself. Certainly, he had ANYONE BUT himself in

mind when he penned these words; yet with sobering propriety

Baha'u'llah's indictment CAN BE APPLIED TO HIMSELF: "We can

perceive how the whole human race is encompassed with great, with

incalculable afflictions. We see it languishing on its bed of

sickness, sore tired and disillusioned. They that are intoxicated

by self conceit have interposed themselves between it and the

divine and infallible Physician. Witness how they have entangled

all men, themselves included, in the mesh of their devices. THEY



Jesus Claimed to BE GOD and lived his life in a manner that

reflected truth. Jesus said that HE WAS TRUTH. Jesus rose "into

the clouds" where, we are told by the BIBLE that he "will return

just as we witnessed Him leaving" and not REINCARNATED into

another person. It is appointed unto MAN to die BUT ONCE - Then

the JUDGEMENT. Jesus was God as proven by his life. JESUS is

SAVIOR as proven by His Death AND RESURRECTION. The bodies of

Baha'u'llah, the Bab, Abdul Baha and other false prophets rot in

their graves. The body of Christ is not on Earth, but he lives!

He will return with the NEW NAME of JUDGE and LORD - Every knee

shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. When

he comes in HIS BODY, he will take up to him those who He lives

THROUGH at this present time. No one has ever found deceit in the

lives of Jesus or his Apostles. Jesus stands IN HISTORY as a

PERFECT human - the ONLY MAN IN HISTORY so RECORDED. He came the

first time EXACTLY when God WROTE that he would - He didn't have

to change God's word!

No, there is NO HARMONY between Baha'i and Christ or

Christianity. The blasphemy being exhorted by Baha'i World Faith

and its adherents will be dealt with at the BEMA JUDGEMENT SEAT.

Until that time, we followers of the LIVING CHRIST, must show our

love for the souls in Baha'i that have remained in the bondage

that Christ offered His life to end. Christ did die for them, and

we must always be ready to "give a reason for the hope that lies

within us" to "everyman who ask of you." May eyes be opened to

the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and closed to the bind of Satan.


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